Prison Break: The End of an Era.

Well, sad news friends. Prison Break has been cancelled. 😦


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Prison Break – Fall Finale

Can you even believe it? I have been so MIA when it comes to Prison Break that the fall part of their season is ending tonight.

Lately I have been watching the episodes online and so I haven’t had any recaps at all.This one will be short…sorry…

Michael: His mother is alive? I have to admit…I was always curious about her since they never talked about her. But now that it is possible I am a bit pissed. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Lincoln: I like it when they show him as more than just a meathead muscle man. They gave him a little bit more compassion tonight when he let Gretchen live. Although frankly I would be happy to off her myself. She’s been pissing me off like you wouldnt believe.

LJ: Where is LJ??????

General: He makes me nervous. Always. I was surprised that his daughter Lisa wasnt the one with Scylla. I was glad she was there to help Sara, but I really thought she was going to be there to fight with her father.

At the end…6 final episodes??? Final of the show for good??? Anyone have the word on this?

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Tag, I’m It

Well, I am very belatedly responding to JOpinionated’s tagging of me in her meme post. (Sorry Jo!)

Here is the deal…I am to post 7 fun facts (random and/or wierd) about myself for all of you to enjoy.

1. My favorite Holiday.

I know everyone loves Thanksgiving and Christmas….and I do too, but my favorite holiday is The 4th of July. Everything about it is wonderful. It is warm and sunny, all of my family and friends come over for a barbeque, fireworks, sparklers, millions of photos, badmitton contests, jello in the shape of the united states, Lake Minnetonka, glow sticks and even the Minnesota mosquitos are wonderful.

2. My Celebrity connection.

I love seeing famous people. So sue me. Random celebrity knowledge and gossip is my guilty pleasure. I love seeing famous people. And now that I live in New York City, I see even more famous people. One of my very favorite times meeting someone famous was when my Brother and I met Jeff Hephner in Central Park. He played Matt Ramsey on The OC. He was definatley a minor character, but it was so much fun and we were so excited to meet someone from the show…at the height of OC fame.

More recent sightings: Taylor Kitch and Scott Porter (Tim Riggins & Jason Street of Friday Night Lights) and I got to see these two at the Thanksgiving Day parade this week…. (ahhh!) Merideth & Oscar from The Office.


3. My favorite food.

I know its wierd. Don’t judge me. But I love Jello! My favorite flavors are Orange, Pineapple and Lime.

4. My first (fictional) Love.

It is no shocker to most people who know me, and those of you who read this blog…I have plenty of TV shows that I love, and so I am sure it will come to no surprised that I love fictional characters. But who was my first love? My very first love…tv boyfriend….Zack Morris.


Yes. The days of The Max, Zack Attack and countless high school schemes from this blonde haired California boy first captured my heart through my TV set. And yes, I still love to watch the cheeseball episodes of Saved by the Bell on reruns.

Other TV boyfriends include: Jim Halpert (The Office), Chuck Bartowski (Chuck), Ryan Atwood (The OC), Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights), Chandler Bing (Friends), Max Evans (Roswell), Michael Scofield & Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break) and Wilson (7th Heaven).

5.  My 4 favorite places in the world. (In no specific order.)

– New York City: I have just moved to the city…just finished two months. Woo. It has been my life goal to end up here, and now I am. I love the city. I love the people, the subway, the variety and all the infuriating and random things about it as well.

– Lake Minnetonka, MN: My hometown. The most beautiful lake in the world.

– Tamarindo, Costa Rica: One of my favorite family vacations. A relaxed and gorgeous surf village on the ocean. Wonderful memories.

– Santa Cruz, Honduras: A place I spent time doing missions work twice. Life changing experiences.

6. Movies I will never ever watch again.

Since my childhood I have refused to ever watch two movies. And they are a random pairing at that.

Where the Red Fern Grows. This movie scarred me for life, when they get the shotgun to put the dog out. I never saw the end of the movie, and never will again.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles. No idea why, but when the car burns, I cried and cried and told my parents I would never watch this movie again.

7. A new Thanksgiving tradition.

This year I started a new day-after-Thanksgiving tradition. My friend and I watched all of the Thanksgiving episodes of our favorite show FRIENDS while baking christmas cookies. Next year I may add the Thanksgiving episodes of How I Met Your Mother also. 🙂

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Movie Review: Twilight


Well I have to say overall I was unimpressed with this movie. To be fair, I am not really the intended audience for this, although I did get sucked in to the media overload. I went and saw it on opening weekend, and I read the book before I got there. That didn’t stop me from rolling my eyes at the lameness of this film.

I did love all the characters who were once a part of The OC though. 🙂 Just sort of fun for those big OC fans like me. Oh and Mike Dexter…as Carlisle. If you know what I mean, you just know. Can’t Hardly Wait is one of my favorite teen movies ever. So I love to see him in other stuff too.


-I really enjoyed the baseball scene. It was pretty much exactly what I imagined it to be, and it was entertaining.

-Bella’s dad. He was the perfect blend of awkward, funny dad. I think he was even better than in the book.

-The soundtrack. I really enjoyed the music that they picked.


– Jacob Black’s Hair

-Cheesy longing Let-Me-Stare-Into-Your-Eyes Scenes. They were even shot like sex scenes. Gag. I spent half the movie rolling my eyes at this.

-Bella being shown as a desperate I-Need-You type girl. In the books there is definitley that aspect, but at least it seems like Edward feels the same way in the book. In the movie he just seems moody and indifferent. I want to see real chemistry. I want to feel that Edward loves Bella like she loves him.

-The High School Friends (with the exception of Jessica – who was spot on teenage girl) were horribly annoying and seemed stupid.

-The vampire make-up. Super cheeseball. White face paint on everyone???

-Why did they feel the need to leave in the most random bits of information? Like mushroom raviolli? It is like they knew the fans would be mad if they changed anything, but instead of making the relationship seem more believable they threw in some random tidbits of information that were specific from the books.

-The shrieking girls in the audience.

I have heard that they are already going ahead with the movie of the second book, which I am sure will be a huge moneymaker for them…and also a huge disaster if it is anything like this movie. Although I do like Jacob’s character…so I will try to keep an open mind.

What did you think? Do tell.

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January 21st. I am soooooooo looking forward to finally getting back to see what is going on with Dharma and the Island…and of course Sawyer and Kate!

Check out JOpinionated’s Lost site for more LOST stuff.

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Fall Movie List

Basically there are 3 movies that I have been waiting to see for months now. I already went and saw the teenybopper (don’t judge me) HSM3 flick…so I wont put that on this list with acutal awesome films though.

First my VERY FAVORITE! Oh i love James Bond. I cannot wait for this next movie to hit theaters! The previews look awesome…and so does the poster.

Second, the Twilight film. I am strangely curious about this one. I read the books…which I am already embarassed to admit, but I am curious if they can make a movie about this book which would be able to please the crazed teenage fans.

Third, the Body of Lies movie looks awesome. I know it has been out for a while, but I havent gotten to see it yet and I am working on planning a time to see it

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The Office: Employee Transfer

Yes. I am back…and ready to recap my most favorite show.

Halloween Costumes: I LOVED that they included costumes this season. Because of the stupid writers strike we missed out on good stuff like halloween and christmas. Hopefully this year we will get a Christmas episode and The Dundies too!!! Personally I was terrified of Creed. He actually was scary as Joker. And I loved that there were 3 Jokers. I loved Kelly’s costume too. She cracks me up. Which I love. And poor Andy, always trying to please Angela…but in such a terrifying way. Ick. I never want to see him dressed up like a kitten? ever again.

Andy & Dwight: I love seeing these two fighting. Basically I love seeing Dwight fighting with anyone. And Mr. Anger Management Andrew Bernard always has such fired up reactions. 

Pam & Jim: Love that Pam got to meet Jim’s brothers…Hate the prank. It was defiantely so uncomfortable. I really was having a hard time watching it. I thought that it was just too harsh. Although part of me was loving the way that Jim stuck up for Pam because being an art major myself I totally understand people being unsupportive of a occupation that makes no money. So all his comments went straight to my heart. 🙂 awww.

Michael & Holly: These two are like the most perfect pairing of wierdos ever in the history of time. Perfect for each other. I know most people were surprised that Holly is having to leave, but I read a while back that she was only committed to do 6 episodes. Which gives her one more left if I am counting correctly. Amy Ryan is a perfect addition to the cast…she really should stay.

Darrell: I would not want to be him. Ugh. It would be pretty rough to third wheel it with the yucky lovebirds for seven hours.

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