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Review: Sydney White


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Well, this past weekend I went with some friends to see the movie Sydney White.

Plot: This story is a modern day Snow White story…which turns out to be Sydney White and the Seven Dorks. Now this is sort of interesting to me, since Saved by the Bell did the Kelly & the Seven Dorks storyline years ago! Sydney (Amanda Bynes) is an incoming college freshman hoping to follow in the footsteps of her late mother by joining the sorority that her mother had been a part of. Turns out the sorority is full of prissy, bitchy girls and Sydney doesn’t fit in. The fact that she also has caught the eye of the Sorority President’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t help her case. They throw her out and she ends up on the step of “The Vortex,” the home of 7 dorky guys. Their home is threatened and so Sydney rallies the dorks to fight against the Greek Rule on campus.

Overall: Its a predictable delightfully mindless movie. Full of cheeseball moments and wrapped up with one final extra-cheesy scene. One review I read said that it was “the best Amanda Bynes movie so far.” I don’t think I would go so far as that(because She’s the Man will always be the best), but I did like the movie. Amanda Bynes did a good job, her trademark clumsiness and normal girl character in full force. Seeing her with dark dark hair was a good contrast with the blond sorority girls. (but she may have been a tad overly spraytanned) I was even surprised by the nice job they did of incorporating the original storyline. The best of which is the poisoned apple was in fact a virus that wiped Sydney’s Apple laptop hard-drive. Just a great play on words and the original story.

My Review: 4 out of 5 stars. Its no blockbuster or academy award winner, but for the audience that will go see this movie, they will love it.

Have you seen it? Will you? Do you think sorority girls are offended by the bad stereotype this shows them as?


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Watch: Fall TV

The best thing about the start of cold weather in Minnesota is also the start of FALL TV! Yep, I am a sucker for a good tv show, and even some bad tv shows…

Here is what I will be watching this Fall:

Monday Night: PRISON BREAK

Eventually I will be watching Prison Break that is…I got hooked on this show pretty late in the game and so I am trying to catch up. I finished watching Season 1 last week (LOVED IT) and now I am working on Season 2. Last Monday was the premiere for Season 3, so I am getting closer. Until I finish season 2 I have been taping (i wish i had DVR) the current episodes so that I will be able to catch up on the 3rd season and then jump into current time. Yes…it sounds kind of ridiculous, but its worth it.

Tuesday Night: no shows….

I have a grad class. So no tv Tuesday nights.

Wednesday Night: GOSSIP GIRL

Yep I am a sucker for those teen drama shows. I was a big fan of The OC and Gossip Girl is as close as I can get to that. Josh Schwartz is the creator of both shows so they have a similar tone to them. Gossip Girl is basically the story of privileged Upper East Side Manhattan teens. Their dramatic lives are narrated by a blogger, named Gossip Girl. An added bonus for this show is the NYC setting… I LOVE new york city! I am hoping they will do some filming on location and show us some classic NYC shots.

Thursday Night: THE OFFICE

Best show on tv. Hands down. No Contest. I simply cannot wait for this season to see what happens with the crew of The Office. How will Jim and Pam’s relationship go? How is life at Dunder Mifflin going to change with Ryan being boss? Jan the housewife? DWANGELA??? 🙂 Get ready Office fans…i think this season will end up being quite a ride…

Here is the site for some video spoilers…i decided not to watch…but i will pass along the website in case you want to see them:

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Listen: Sara Bareilles “Love Song”

Sara Bareilles is the singer who sings my NEW FAVORITE song! 🙂


You should definately head over to her website to listen to “Love Song.” I haven’t yet listened to the rest of her album, but i definately will be purchasing it soon! I have been hearing “Love Song” on KS95 this week at work and I can’t help but to sing along! It is a perfect girl song, catchy tune, intentional lyrics…sing-along-able. Yes…im getting so technical here…haha! kidding.

You can also download screensavers like the image i have above.

Also! She will be in MINNESOTA!!!

Book Signing & Appearance:

Monday, October 1st at 12:30 PM
Borders Minneapolis – Block E #494
600 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 339-4859

Later that night opening for Maroon 5!!!

October 01
St. Paul, MN
Xcel Energy Center

What do you think of her music? Anyone planning on attending the concert? I love Maroon 5…I wish I was going!

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Watch: Prison Break + Trivia: The Office

So I have a new favorite show….and basically a new addiction.

I borrowed Season 1 of Prison Break from my bro’s roommate…and now I am totally hooked! I am halfway through season 1 and I even wish I could skip work to watch it! 🙂 haha! It is so suspenseful and interesting and very different from the comedies I usually watch. And the attractive Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell dont hurt either!

Are you a fan? Have you been watching? I am going to try to catch up to the current season (3) which just began this week. Looks like there are a bunch more nights watching PB dvds in my future! I am ok with that! I even became a Netflix customer just to get the DVDs.


Now…in honor of The Office starting back up NEXT WEEK! WOOO HOOO!

Some Trivia:

1. What are the names of the 4 teams on Beach Day?

2. What kind of poster is the topic of great discussion in the accounting corner?

3. What event does Kevin win in the Office Olympics?

4. What is the name of Dwight’s cousin?

Highlight below for answers:

1. Blue Team – Stanley, Team USA – Andy, Griffindor – Dwight, Voldemort – Jim

2. Babies playing Instruments, Angela’s poster

3. Eating the most M&Ms

4. Cousing Mose

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Watch + Read: Harry Potter Breaks (More!) Records

Harry Potter Book 7 Boxes

Well it has been a while since Harry Potter Book 7 came out. (The picture above is from Barnes & Noble’s release party with boxes of books stacked behind the counter) Can you believe that July 21st was so long ago already? What happened to summer…

The books have broken record after record, but it is now being announced that the movies are also breaking records.

“Warner Brothers has announced this evening that the Harry Potter series is the largest-grossing film franchise to date globally, surpassing Star Wars and and James Bond. Totaling $4.47 billion in ticket sales (with two films left to go, WB points out).” source

I love Harry Potter and I am looking forward to the last two films. I will definately be adding to the record-breaking ticket purchases. Probably midnight showings…complete with calling in sick to work the next day to recover…or see it twice!

Are you looking forward to the next movie? Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

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Trivia: The Office Season 3 DVDs!


Yesterday, The Office Season 3 came out on DVD! You need to go buy it immediately! Last night I got to watch a couple episodes and the blooper reel! I love blooper reels. This season it is 17 minutes long…so worth it. Hilarious. One of the best lines… “Pam Beesly…more like Pam Babe-ly!” oh and you also get to see Jim Halpert in his boxers for a few seconds 🙂

Here is some trivia in honor of the DVDs…

1. What is Angela Martin’s middle name?

2. What is the name of Oscar’s boyfriend?

3. Finish this line: “Oompa Loompa Doopity Dossum, ____ __ ____ ____ ____ ___ ____ ______”

4. What is the name of the stripper? What advice does she give Michael?

Highlight below for answers:

1. Noel

2. Gil

3. Dwight is now gone which is really awesome.

4. Elizabeth, Secrets secrets are no fun, Secrets secrets hurt someone.

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