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Well, this past weekend I went with some friends to see the movie Sydney White.

Plot: This story is a modern day Snow White story…which turns out to be Sydney White and the Seven Dorks. Now this is sort of interesting to me, since Saved by the Bell did the Kelly & the Seven Dorks storyline years ago! Sydney (Amanda Bynes) is an incoming college freshman hoping to follow in the footsteps of her late mother by joining the sorority that her mother had been a part of. Turns out the sorority is full of prissy, bitchy girls and Sydney doesn’t fit in. The fact that she also has caught the eye of the Sorority President’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t help her case. They throw her out and she ends up on the step of “The Vortex,” the home of 7 dorky guys. Their home is threatened and so Sydney rallies the dorks to fight against the Greek Rule on campus.

Overall: Its a predictable delightfully mindless movie. Full of cheeseball moments and wrapped up with one final extra-cheesy scene. One review I read said that it was “the best Amanda Bynes movie so far.” I don’t think I would go so far as that(because She’s the Man will always be the best), but I did like the movie. Amanda Bynes did a good job, her trademark clumsiness and normal girl character in full force. Seeing her with dark dark hair was a good contrast with the blond sorority girls. (but she may have been a tad overly spraytanned) I was even surprised by the nice job they did of incorporating the original storyline. The best of which is the poisoned apple was in fact a virus that wiped Sydney’s Apple laptop hard-drive. Just a great play on words and the original story.

My Review: 4 out of 5 stars. Its no blockbuster or academy award winner, but for the audience that will go see this movie, they will love it.

Have you seen it? Will you? Do you think sorority girls are offended by the bad stereotype this shows them as?


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