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Movie Preview: Vantage Point

I saw the preview for this movie before seeing Dan in Real Life over the weekend. It looks soooo AWESOME! I can’t wait!

thanks to speedytoys at youtube for the video.

Any other movies worth looking forward to currently?


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Samantha Who?: The Wedding.

Well I am sad to say I missed last week’s episode of Samantha Who. One of these days I will get around to watching it online…but it didnt prevent me from enjoying this week.

The Wedding

Poor Samantha, every message on her voicemail is someone who hates her. It just seems that “Old Sam” was pretty awful to just about everyone in her life. “New Sam” really wants to turn over a new leaf, so when she finds out she is a bridesmaid in a friends wedding she gets very excited! Well, turns out the Bride hates her too. Big surprise.

Suki…Sookie? spelling? …(yes, her character name is Dena, but I will always call her Suki, even though Gilmore Girls is long gone) convinces her to stay and really try to work things out with the bride. She is able to do that and ditches Suki to sit with the Bridal Party. After Sam works things out with Valerie, she has a flashback to her former life and realizes that the Bride Valerie cheated on the Groom at the Bachelorette party…and it may have even been Sam’s idea! During her bridesmaid toast she sort of rats out her friend, but at the same time a bridesmaid admits to sleeping with the Groom, so I guess its all water under the bridge huh? They actually seem sort of meant for each other.

Todd and Sam have a nice dance together and have sort of a tender moment….sparks? Too bad that a drunken Suki tells Todd that she is just like the old Sam ditching her friends. And then Suki plants a big ol kiss on Todd! Haha! Loved it. Todd is no longer convinced that Sam is a changed woman and is unsure about her again. I guess it will take a few more episodes to be able to get these two together. At the end, Sam and Suki make up and are friends again.

One of the funniest parts of the episode were Sam’s parents who tagged along to the hotel where the wedding was and spent most of the time in the hotel room having quick sex before the cheese plate arrives from room service. They crack me up! So funny!

I like this show, but I am wondering how long they can keep having Sam discovering herself? At some point will it become a typical dating scenario sitcom where she gets back together with Todd and they have their life together? Will the “Old Sam” ever come back completely?

ps. Give Andrea more lines and a more rounded character! I love her!

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Chuck: Nice Play Josh Schwartz!

As you know I am a big fan of Prison Break and so that usually dominates the 7:00 central time slot for my Monday night TV viewing…but tonight I was able to watch Chuck in real time and not online as usual.

Well I am SO glad that I did and I have one thing to say… Nice Play Josh Schwartz! I have a feeling that it was no coincience that the running, Chuck trying to find Morgan at the Halloween party scene in tonights episode was a virtual mimic of the Ryan/Marissa running scene in Season 1 of The OC, the episode with the New Years party. They were even playing the same song that was used in the background! Dice by Finley Quaye & William Orbit. One of my favorite songs of all time!

Watch The OC version below.

thanks to dandelionx on youtube for the video and astralwish for the one below.

Here is the Chuck version. Thanks to SavetheOC for directing me to the youtube video.

This is something that only the most hardcore (or crazy) OC fan would recognize and it TOTALLY MADE MY NIGHT!!! Josh Schwartz you rock. Thanks for bringing some OC back to tv, at least in theory, and I am looking forward to seeing Rachel Bilson join the cast for a mulit-episode arc later this season.

This clinches it. Chuck has now officially made it to my Must See TV list!!!

October 29, 2007 at 7:11 pm 4 comments

Prison Break: No Episode Tonight, Next Week: Two Hours!


Well no new episode tonight, but it will be worth it for next week’s TWO HOUR event!

Next week looks to be VERY intense, combining episodes Photo Finish and Vamanos on the same evening. Watch the preview here!

Also you can visit TVGuide to read a new interview with Jodi Lyn O’Keefe who plays Susan B Anthony. Check it out by clicking here.

And as always, dont forget to Enter the Contest! What have you got to lose? I think it would be pretty awesome to get to visit the set in Dallas.

October 29, 2007 at 5:03 pm 3 comments

Movie Review: Dan In Real Life


After reading that this movie was mediocre in mulitple reviews, I was pleasantly surprised. It was genuinely endearing, funny and enjoyable.

The characters were loveable. I really have to connect with characters in a movie to enjoy it and this one I felt like I did. There were so many aspects of Dan’s personality and Dan’s family that I could relate to. He gets stuck sleeping in the laundry room at the house…yeah more than once have I been sleeping in my Aunt & Uncle’s basement with the dryer running. The family seemed well rounded and fun, while still sickeningly sweet. What kind of family does Crossword Puzzle contests? Aerobics in the front yard? Talent Shows? Yeah it was a little bit too much, but it was the sort of idealistic family that I think everyone wants to be a part of. One that has fun conversation, generally gets along and has a good time playing games and everything else.

The music was amazing. I loved the music. I reseached a little bit and found that Sondre Lerche did all the music himself. He is a norwegian songwriter…and it really adds great dimension and intent to the story. After looking at his site I noticed he’s coming to Minneapolis and he is playing at one of my favorite venue’s The Varsity Theater, maybe I will have to go!

Love to Love the Underdog. Poor Dan…he’s so much the underdog, but you just love rooting for him. As I said to my friend, it was the perfect amount of Michael Scott, but with love and tact and class. He is funny and uncomfortable and struggling with his parenting while trying to figure out this love he has for his Brother’s girlfriend. Which the audience was fine with, becuase its just kind of tough to buy Dane Cook and Juliette Binoche as a couple. No matter how normal Dane Cook was in this movie, it just didnt seem right. In fact I really loved Dane Cook in this movie (typically im on the fence…although I LOVE his comedy) and I think it showed some real talent with his acting. But you just still loved Steve Carell.

The Ending. Maybe I missed something, but I didnt ever figure out what happened with Dan’s job? Did they address that? I kind of wanted to know if that was something they tied up at the end of the movie.

Final Verdict: Chick flick. Love Story. Feel Good Film. Go see it! I thought it was sweet and romantic, and sappy of course, but if thats what youre going for, youre sure to love it!

October 29, 2007 at 4:34 pm 1 comment

Visit: Las Vegas Strip

Woooo VACATION! I am headed to Las Vegas at the end of November for a vacation/girls weekend with some of my favorite friends! wooo!

bell.jpg source

So now starts the list of Things To Do in Vegas:

1. Bellagio Fountains – AMAZING. (in the pic above) Choreoraphed fountains along with classic music. Beautiful. I could stand there for hours. Its also seen at the very end of Ocean’s 11 (the Brad Pitt/George Clooney remake version)

2. Nightclubs! – Tao, LAX, Pure, Ghostbar, Social House. Yep lets work the party scene here! FYI – I was not impressed with the Coyote Ugly bar at New York, New York. I wouldnt reccomend that one.

3. New Hotels – Planet Hollywood has just opened, I want to check it out and see what all the fuss is all about! I am sure it will be seriously awesome. My friend Jacks wants to check out the Wynn Hotel too. I havent seen that one either. The Palazzo hotel is finally finished too. Lots of new hotels!

4. Observation deck on the Stratosphere. I want to see the view even though I am semi-afraid of heights, I just think it would be awesome to see at night. FYI – if you stay at the Stratosphere hotel you can go up to the deck as a part of your hotel stay.

5. Anyone know if they still have the Tiger exhibit? Or did they remove that when the tigers attacked Sigfried and Roy? I love white tigers. So exotic.

6. Pirate Show at Treasure Island. Free. Love it. 🙂

7. The Conservatory at the Bellagio. It is stunning. Also check out the world’s largest Chocolate fountain there too. It will make you hungry just standing near it because it smells so delicious!

8. Shopping at Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood.



What else do I need to make sure to see and do in Vegas??? Help me out!

October 25, 2007 at 2:51 pm 10 comments

Prison Break: Interference Recap

Well as always last night was a great edge-of-your-seat Prison Break episode! I swear this show makes my blood pressure rise…im always so nervous for everyone. I guess thats what happens when they keep KILLING off awesome characters!! (ahem…Abruzzi, Kellerman and SARA TANCREDI!!!)

Just a few quick thoughts about the episode:
New Character: French Guy…I didnt catch his name. Anyone know what it is? Of course he recognized Whistler right away. We all knew that the whole “fisherman” story was too innocent to be true. All these characters have such intense backstories…thats to be expected. I wonder how much his girlfriend Sophia knows about his “non-fisherman” life? Do you think Whistler could somehow be part of the company? Or working with them? Im not sure how that could be helpful yet, but its possible…

Sucre: Sucre, Sucre, Sucre! What are you doing to us??? Please keep yourself out of trouble long enough to help Michael and Lincoln! Come on! I know that he wants to get some money to get himself back to a place where he can get back to Maricruz. Do you think that this OBVIOUSLY illegal way to make $5,000 bucks is the way to do it? I guess sometimes I forget that these guys are still criminals. He was looking for quick way to make money to get her engagement ring and thats how he ended up at Fox River to begin with, so why would this be any different? Plus, we all know that nothing can be too easy or smooth…there always has to be blackmail…

Mahone with the Cup: So, I was a little bit unclear about this. What was the deal with the guard and the cup? Does someone inside get him his coffee fix? Do they think they can jump him while he is finishing his coffee in the same spot everyday? Does the fact that he has one hand occupied make him easier to escape from? I just missed this ah-hah moment I guess. Whoops…Please fill me in if you know whats going on.

Alright…now check this out! My co-worker knows I am a Prison Break addict and she brought me this TV Guide special issue magazine thing!

It has some fun information in it. Pictures of Sona, interviews, etc. But the most interesting piece of information it held that I had never heard yet was the timeframe of the show.

“Over the course of two seasons (which cover only about three months in Prison Break time)…”

THREE MONTHS??? I am pretty sure if all of these things happened to real people within three months they would all be in the psych ward. Can you believe how short of a timeline that is? It makes me want to go back and plot it out through the first and second seasons. I would also want to try to estimate how much of DB Cooper’s money they spent before it was “lost.” I wonder where that went. It was referenced really quickly that it wasnt found…but who knows.

Two weeks until the next episodes! But it looks like its going to be FREAKING AWESOME!
watch the preview here.

ps. Prison Break spinoff….BAD IDEA!!!! What is wrong with FOX?????

October 23, 2007 at 8:11 pm 3 comments

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