TV Recap: The Office – Dunder Mifflin Infinity

October 5, 2007 at 8:35 am Leave a comment

Tonights episode was pretty great. This will be a recap by relationship tonight…

Jim & Pam: I really have to say I was a bit worried when Jim & Pam admitted to the rest of the office that they are dating. I was kinda hoping that it would be more of a Chandler & Monica secret sort of relationship for a while. Its a nice way to test the waters of the relationship and also the audience’s reactions. Kevin was great….he knew all along. 🙂 haha! I thought it was also very sweet when Jim said “Well I guess he cant get any girl he wants.” How cute is that? Ryan just wants to date everyone in the office huh? Kelly, Karen, Pam…

Kelly & Ryan: These two are hilarious! Kelly lying about being pregnant. Awesome writing…and the look on her face was priceless in her talking head when she was saying she wasnt really pregnant. I think these two have alot more relationship hurdles to overcome. Ryan has been thinking their relationship was over since before it even started…i dont think this is the end of these two for a very long time… 🙂

Dwight & Angela: Oh No! Dwangela!!! What happened? Well…in this case I have to side with Angela. Ummm hello???!!?!?! He killed her cat! I dont think I would be interested in forgiving him either. Perhaps winning her back will be the greatest adventure yet. And now that Jim & Pam both know about their relationship they can help get these two lovebirds back together. Do we see another love triangle in the making??? Perhaps with the “best looking single guy in the office” Andy? Andy and Angela…think about it…I feel like it might be happening…

Michael & Jan: I just dont feel like I have seen enough of this relationship yet. Lets see what these two are like outside the office! Anything is possible with these two…and for the sake of Michael I hope they are happy because I dont think we want to see the wrath of Jan Levinson again! Oh and the whole bit with Michael driving his car into the lake was….AWESOME! Poor Michael has really been having some car problems these days.

Toby: Poor Toby, he is so in love with Pam. I hate to see him so sad and pathetic. Cant we find him some sort of love interest?? He deserves it after all the crap he puts up with regarding Michael…and now having to see Jim and Pam be JAM or PB&J…

Well…thats all for now. I have been blogging wayyyy too much tv these days, maybe tomorrow I will throw in something else for you all to read. 🙂 Happy Office Thursday!

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