Prison Break: What is in the box?? Now we have REAL ANSWERS.

October 8, 2007 at 7:20 pm 3 comments

What is in the box???


Well every part of me was hoping that I would be wrong about what I believed was in the box. Sadly we are now out the only last love story left on this show. So much for Michael & Sara…

On many of the message boards people are saying that they refuse to watch the show now that this has happened. Will you quit watching? Frankly I think these people are all talk…they are invested in the characters enough to actually threaten to quit watching, but they love the characters enough that they will keep watching because they just cant quit. This is how I felt when the OC killed off Marissa Cooper. For the next few episodes you spend your time grasping at straws saying “Maybe shes not really dead” “Maybe its a dream”…”Maybe its a look alike…” But really, I think we all need to start dealing with the fact that Sara really is dead and move past it.

Now all we have to wait for are the fireworks that kick up when Michael realizes that Lincoln has been lying to him and has known Sara is dead all along. Get ready for that. Bound to be terrible. Because really everyone knows that Michael has no incentive without Sara. Yes, I know he loves LJ…but I really think if he knew about Sara he would give up on breaking out. Or perhaps it would be a vicious revenge situation. What do you think?

What I am really interested in right now is what the real story is behind Sarah Wayne Callies leaving the show. Did she stay home to be a full time mom? Did FOX fire her? I will be ok with whatever happened, but I really really just want to know… If I find any articles about it I will post them on here for you to read.


Did you ever stop to consider that this might be a slap in the face to fans who had invested two years in the Michael-Sara relationship?
Producer Matt Olmstead:
We took everything into consideration. Our initial idea was to have [Sarah/Sara appear in] the first 13 episodes, so she and Michael could have a proper goodbye. There were going to be some really emotional scenes where he tried to save her from dying, but she ultimately passed. So then we whittled it down to 11 episodes, then 10 episodes, then nine episodes, then four episodes…. Then we suggested flying to her — she was pregnant [at the time] and living in a remote part of Canada — and bringing a camera crew to her house, but that wasn’t accepted. We then whittled it down to just a phone conversation, and that was turned down, too. We were really looking forward to paying off that relationship. But [when] it became evident that that wasn’t going to happen, we made lemonade out of a lemon.

So, as a result, you were forced to kill her off sooner than you had planned?
Olmstead: Much sooner. We used the story to our advantage in that she was being held hostage. [Sarah] was gracious enough to let us use her image, which really helped. I totally get it, personally. She was, at the time, pregnant and living in a remote part of Canada and nesting; [she] kind of looked at the options and didn’t want to go forward. No hard feelings whatsoever. The show is an ensemble. The show moves forward. There are very few untouchable actors on the show.

Read the full interview and Sarah Wayne Callies statement at:


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Listen: Jaclyn James Schutrop “Unashamed” Video: Kristin at E! interviews Prison Break cast about Sara’s death

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  • 2. Linh  |  October 10, 2007 at 7:41 am

    i think in some way the writer and the producer of FOX has show that this is the “brother relationship” show so for that they don’t care about the romance love between Micheal and Sarah, that is why they try to get rid of her. This is a dicrimination, and i am telling you right now that there are so many fan of Micheal and Sarah piss off, and they will quit watching the show. FOX is make a big mistake, and they are all stupid writer.

  • 3. annieinmn  |  October 10, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Yes, I agree that some viewers will defintely be pissed off at the writers, but hopefully the writers have laid out the whole season to accomodate this unfortunate death of Sara. I know some people will quit watching, but personally I am going to keep watching to see how they deal with this…can the brotherly relationship handle Lincoln lying to Michael about Sara’s death? Because that is the most important relationship we have left.


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