Samantha Who?: The Pilot

October 16, 2007 at 8:56 am Leave a comment

Who watched Samantha Who?

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Anyone? Anyone?

Here are my thoughts on this new half-hour sitcom.

Samantha– Generally I like her. I think it will be fun to see Christina Applegate playing this role as bad girl and good girl in the same show. She has some great comedic timing and great facial expressions. I am intersted to see how this role changes after the pilot.

Friends– LOVE her friends! Basically this show is just a reunion of our favorite characters from past or cancelled televison series.

Jennifer Esposito(Andrea) is one of my favorites. I have been missing seeing her on tv ever since Related got cancelled (i loved that show!). I think she makes a great “bad” best friend for Samantha.

Melissa McCarthy(Dena) is also one of my favorites. After her long run as best friend Suki on Gilmore Girls it makes sense she would step right into the (fake)best friend role for another bubbly fun young character.

Barry Watson(Todd) the boyfriend. Who wasn’t a fan of his back when 7th Heaven was in its prime (and still good) years? I definately was a 7th Heaven fan up until probably the 4th season when everything started to get so haywire. Anyways, Barry is cute and loveable and you just know that he and Samantha will have a great funny interaction once she starts to remember him again and they can fall in love. Guess who is a romantic at heart? Yep me.

Timing– Pilots are usally interesting things because they are trying so hard to introduce all the characters and fill in all the back story but still have enough interesting dilema to get the audience hooked. I am a firm believer in watching past the first episode before you actually make a decision. I think that this pilot was almost too quick. There was alot of information to fill in the story and I almost wish they would have slowed it down. We saw a week in Sam’s life already and I kinda just think it could have been more like 3 days. It felt like we were running alongside her…I wonder if it will slow down to a upbeat but less frantic pace in the upcoming episodes.

Overall- Yep I will probably keep watching, at least for another 2 or 3 episodes until I get a feel for the show. Monday nights are already shot for me with Prison Break, so a little comedy after all that PB angst might be nice. 🙂

What did you think?


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Prison Break: Enter the Contest! Photo: Dominic Purcell & his kids

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