TV Recap: The Office – Money

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When I read the synopsis for this episode I had such high hopes. I have to say I definately enjoyed the episode and laughed at many parts of it…but overall it was somewhat of a downer. It definately led the dramatic/romantic/emotional storylines which I LOVE. But it was not the lightweight comedy that we are used to as fans of The Office. It was more about character development than anything else… See the below relationship breakdowns and my take on all that happened this episode.

Jan/Michael- Poor Michael, he has such a desire to be liked. It was interesting to see him as an employee at his second job. Total role reversal…he was the ryan/jim like character there. Everyone liked him and he was much more toned down. Michael’s debt…so out of control. I was so glad with how they ended the episode by having a good serious conversation between Michael & Jan. For a while now I have been getting to the point where I am wondering why they are even together. Do they even like each other? This conversation redeemed the relationship between the two. I like to see them sticking up for each other. How about we make Jan more of the strong independant corporate woman again rather than the crazy strech pants/drinking woman in the upcoming episodes. Lets see her get her life back on track…with Michael.

Dwight/Angela/Andy- Oh Dwangela…I am beginning to lose hope for you. I am loving how Jim & Pam are coming alongside Dwight during this time. The conversation between Jim & Dwight in the stairwell was enough to make my eyes tear up! These two just have such a bond, even though they are usually driving each other crazy, in the end they really can relate, and they have a history of semi-friendship? un-friendship? something. Andy is getting a little crazy again. I loved seeing him standing at Pams desk with his legs all stuck out. Hilarious. Who knows where this love triangle is headed. Do you think it will ever become public knowledge that Dwight & Angela were Dwangela….hmm…. Oh and Dwight’s crying was soooooooo sad! Like a moaning seal or something….

Kelly/Darryl/Ryan- Hilarious! All of my viewing party definately squealed when we saw Kelly kiss Darryl at the meeting. And seeing Ryan visibly upset about it was even better! He cares more about crazy Kelly Kapoor than he wants to let on! I think Kelly & Darryl will be an interesting couple and I liked how he just came up and told her what was going on. To access the non-crazy part of her brain. So funny! I just hope they dont tone down the Kelly character too much. Part of her appeal was her crazy antics and psycho relationship stuff.

Jim/Pam- These two are my favorite. My friend is getting sick of it, says that its just not as fun to see them together as it used to be. But I disagree. I love this! I love it more every episode. I am glad to see the writers trusting that they can keep them together and still have a quality interaction between them. It was nice to see Jim reliving the pass Pam/Roy days and appreciating all over again the fact that they are actually together. I love all the sweet little romantic nuggets between these two. Now I am sure there are some rocky things coming in their future, because it wouldnt be dramatic enough without it, but I just trust they can handle it. I love Jam…PB&J… Oh! and Jim& Pam snuggled up together listening to Dwight read Harry Potter is definately in my top 5 Jam moments ever!

It is really nice to see the writers bring us a different kind of show, but in all honesty im getting ready to be back to half hour episodes of concise, brilliant comedy with a little Jam on the side…



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