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Prison Break: Spoiler Photos!


Look who is out of Sona!!!!

Michael, Lincoln and i think that might be Whistler in the green standing next to Linc.

I nabbed this photo from GMMR, but you should definately head over to my very favorite Prison Break Spoiler website to see MANY more pictures of this day of filming. I am so excited to see where the story is heading next. And Thank God they got Michael out of that nasty sweaty gray shirt! 🙂

I am headed out of town this weekend to Vegas! 🙂 Be back next week!


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Listen: Michael Buble Christmas Music

Did you know that Michael Buble has a Christmas Album?

I sure didn’t! But I downloaded it from itunes and it is just wonderful! His voice is so amazing I could just listen to him all day long…ok not really, but it is a good (short) little EP. I recommend downloading it.


Michael Buble “Let It Snow”

1. Let it Snow

2. The Christmas Song

3. Grown Up Christmas List

4. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

5. White Christmas

What do you think? Know of any other good Christmas music? The only other Christmas album I had on my computer was the OC Mix of Chrismukkah songs…and that just doesn’t cut it for holiday music. I like the classics… 🙂

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Chuck vs. the Nemesis

Well first off….a big CONGRATULATIONS to Chuck! They have now been picked up for a whole season! YAY! (this is only if the strike ends…but rumors are that the talks went well this week and things may be coming to an end soon! double yay!)

image_5815512.jpg source

Thoughts on tonight’s episode…

Morgan loves Ellie – I thought this was pretty entertaining. And found it pretty funny how mad Anna got when Morgan was gushing about Ellie’s sweet potatoes and she was loving it. (Side note: I may have thought this was funnier purely because at my own thanksgiving dinner I sliced open my thumb on a can of sweet potatoes and feel i have sacraficed for those who love sweet potato casserole with marshmellows)

Brice – I guess I need to go back and watch the first few episodes of the show to officially catch up on all the backstory of the Brice/Sarah/Chuck triangle. But Brice is very attractive…even if he is only semi-trustworthy. I was on the fence for most of the episode, although I think he won me over in the end.

I love the little things that make this show great. For example…when Brice and Chuck were having a serious discussion in the elevator…and in the background there is this fruity elevator music playing. Hilarious. Such a tiny little thing…totally added the ironic side to the moment. Also things like the goofy picture of Chuck on Sarah’s cell phone.

Who will Sarah choose? Obviously she will choose Chuck. Especially now since we know they got picked up for a whole season. But does she really have feelings for Chuck? Even now, since she knows that Brice is not the rogue agent everyone thought.

Lastly…a few words about Casey. He has no softness…geez. I felt bad for Chuck when Casey was like “Dont worry, If Sarah leaves, we will get you a new girl.” But his inappropirate honesty and harshness is also what makes his character great too. I’m torn. I like his character, and I dont. It’s a toss up. Actor Adam Baldwin did an interview with TV guide about his role on Chuck. It’s sort of fun.

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Website: Wear Your Music

Can’t think of the perfect holiday gift for your favorite music fanatic? Well this is it!

A website called Wear Your Music sells guitar strings of your favorite artists that have been made into bracelets. I have been watching this site for the last year or so and it is fun to see how they are growing in the selection of musicians they offer.


Big names like John Mayer, Jimmy Buffett and smaller names like Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) have donated their guitar strings to this great cause. All the profits are given to charity. I keep thinking this would be a great gift for my brother who is a big Death Cab for Cutie fan, but I haven’t ordered one yet. Check out the site and see if your favorite guitarist’s stuff is there…

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New York City: Subway Love

It has been a while since this happened, but I just think it is such a cute story that I would tell you about it. Patrick Moberg saw the girl of his dreams on the subway in New York City. He said he was too nervous to talk to her and then she was gone. He then put out a search online by creating a website and posting this drawing on multiple sites.

The whole situation perked the interest of people around the world. CNN even interviewed him I believe. It is amazing how people enjoy these sorts of stories. It kind of reminds me of the movie Serendipity. People chance meeting in New York…Is it love? Is it creepy? Well you can watch a video of Patrick discussing it on this site.

So…What happened to Patrick and his mystery girl? He found her! Her friend saw the website and sent it on to her. Unfortunately it says that they will no longer be posting about what happened with the story for their own privacy. Come on Patrick! The world wants to know!!

Now this really could come off as some sort of creepy stalker type story, but I find it to be cute. When I lived in New York there was many times where you would see someone in public that you just sort of wished you had an excuse to talk to on the Subway. I dont know what it is about this story, but its sort of endearing that he wanted to go searching for this girl. Now you all know I am a real sap. 🙂 haha.

What do you think? Creepy or Cute?

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Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami Recap


My Thoughts (in no specific order):

Any show that begins their first scene in Helsinki is the best. My bro and I always jokingly tell each other “You are going straight to Helsinki.” It’s one of our little jokes.

“He is a reasonably charming guy.” -Sarah about Chuck – Oh come on Sarah, he is more charming than reasonably.

Morgan thinking he can kiss Anna after she compliments his Call of Duty skills. Since when did Call of Duty become love talk?

Stavros is a shipping heir? Hmm…sounds like they are basing this on real life a bit. Thinking of Stavros Niarchos the greek shipping heir who tends to date around young Hollywood.

Rachel Bilson as a sandwich maker is funny too. One of the first things she did in her career was a commercial for Subway where she was a sandwich artist. I have been searching to try to find a video of that, but I havent found it yet. I will post it if I do.

Lou and Chuck make such a cute couple. When they make up and start kissing I love how Lou jumps up and puts her legs around his waist when they are kissing. I guess thats how to deal with the “vast height difference” she refered to last week. I wish Rachel Bilson was staying for more episodes…come on Josh Schwartz….more R-Bils!!! PLEASE!

So far I havent been a huge Sarah fan, but she is growing on me. I enjoyed the interaction when they were in the trunk of the car. She gets all firey and says “Now shut up youre sucking up all the air” It made me laugh. But next week Brice is back? I missed some of the beginning episodes of this show and so I dont know the history between Brice and Sarah, but it doesnt look too good for Chuck…which is sad because he left her such a nice sweet message at the end of the episode…

Overall, not as good as last week’s episode, but I am loving Chuck!

Does anyone know if they have been picked up for a full season yet?

photo source

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Monday Night TV…with no Prison Break…

Monday already seems sad without Prison Break tonight. They are on their mid-season hiatus and will be back Jan 14th.

But this is what I will be watching instead…I might as well enjoy the rest of these shows before they disappear also due to the Writer’s Strike (I am still mourning the loss of The Office)…


I have to admit I do really find this show entertaining…and I love it even more with Rachel Bilson guest starring! Give that girl more episodes!!! Check out the preview below that I found on GMMR. Looks like there will be alot of kissing tonight!


This week Samantha will be discovering something else about herself. Every episode seems sort of the same, and yet its mindless and I enjoy watching it anyways. I wonder if this one has been picked up for a whole season or if it is still up in the air. Hmmm..


I love thanksgiving episodes of tv shows. Ever since FRIENDS always created Thanksgiving episodes. They just make for fun situations. Tonight is Lily and Marshall’s first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner. And Barney…I love Barney…reintroduces the Slap-bet. Side Note: One time we saw Neil Patrick Harris walking on the street in NYC and my friend turned around and yelled “It’s Doogie Howser!!” Hilarious! I think of that every time I see him on tv.


Yes I know, there is no episode of PB on tonight…but I plan on settling in with my Season 1 DVDs and a bowl of popcorn and enjoying some Monday night Prison Break, even if its not a new episode! 🙂

Also check out these recent photos of Wentworth heading back to filming PB.

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