Chuck vs. the Nemesis

November 27, 2007 at 8:54 am 2 comments

Well first off….a big CONGRATULATIONS to Chuck! They have now been picked up for a whole season! YAY! (this is only if the strike ends…but rumors are that the talks went well this week and things may be coming to an end soon! double yay!)

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Thoughts on tonight’s episode…

Morgan loves Ellie – I thought this was pretty entertaining. And found it pretty funny how mad Anna got when Morgan was gushing about Ellie’s sweet potatoes and she was loving it. (Side note: I may have thought this was funnier purely because at my own thanksgiving dinner I sliced open my thumb on a can of sweet potatoes and feel i have sacraficed for those who love sweet potato casserole with marshmellows)

Brice – I guess I need to go back and watch the first few episodes of the show to officially catch up on all the backstory of the Brice/Sarah/Chuck triangle. But Brice is very attractive…even if he is only semi-trustworthy. I was on the fence for most of the episode, although I think he won me over in the end.

I love the little things that make this show great. For example…when Brice and Chuck were having a serious discussion in the elevator…and in the background there is this fruity elevator music playing. Hilarious. Such a tiny little thing…totally added the ironic side to the moment. Also things like the goofy picture of Chuck on Sarah’s cell phone.

Who will Sarah choose? Obviously she will choose Chuck. Especially now since we know they got picked up for a whole season. But does she really have feelings for Chuck? Even now, since she knows that Brice is not the rogue agent everyone thought.

Lastly…a few words about Casey. He has no softness…geez. I felt bad for Chuck when Casey was like “Dont worry, If Sarah leaves, we will get you a new girl.” But his inappropirate honesty and harshness is also what makes his character great too. I’m torn. I like his character, and I dont. It’s a toss up. Actor Adam Baldwin did an interview with TV guide about his role on Chuck. It’s sort of fun.

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  • 1. bc3263827  |  November 28, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    That was a good interview, Casey’s character is great, he really does do most of his comedy through facial expressions and body language he really has very few lines. I think that must be so difficult to do and still be that funny.

  • 2. annieinmn  |  November 28, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    So true. I agree that must be a hard role to play. So far my favorite episode was the one where they all had the truth serum…Chuck/Sara/Casey were all awesome during the scene when they were running around…

    When Chuck says, “Casey, Your jaw was chiseled by Michaelangelo himself” and Casey just calmly says “Thanks”

    Its a perfect interaction between those two. 🙂


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