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Random: Lego Timer


LEGOs pretty much define a good part of my childhood…the whole basement was a full lego city complete with ballpark, space station, pizza parlor…etc. And so, I think this is AWESOME! A Lego head shaped kitchen timer. So cool! And as the time goes around the eyes and mouths rearrange to make different faces. I love this. It’s also only $7.99 on the Lego website. Check it out here. I guess we will have to wait until it is back in stock, but it would make a great gift.


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Jamie Lynn as Juno


Not to make light of Jamie Lynn Spears’ serious situation, but I thought this Juno movie poster remake from Goldenfiddle was a brilliantly funny and ironic take on the Spears family.

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Prison Break: January episodes preview!

Watch this! I am so excited!!!! 🙂

Sad day…they took it offline…

check my favorite PB Spoilers website to see it.

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Visit: LAX night club, Las Vegas


If you are ever in Vegas, check out LAX nightclub. It was pretty awesome.

Before you go, visit their website, you can add your name to the guest list by e-mailing for most events. They definately have alot of big name stars host events. The night I was there with my friends Nick Lachey was hosting a party along with Nicky Hilton and Wilmer Valderrama. I believe Paris and Nicky Hilton are hosting a New Year’s Eve bash there this year. Get yourself on the guest list and you can enter easier, although honestly, it you have a group of all girls you can get in just by heading up to the front of the line and telling the bouncer that you have all girls in your group. We were able to get in free even, which isnt always the case. Sorry guys, I am pretty sure you will always have to pay cover. (Oh it pays to be a girl!)

The dance floor is in the middle of the room with VIP elevated on one side near the DJ booth, the rest of the layout is filled with table areas for people who are paying for bottle service. One downside, unless you are paying for bottle service there is no where to sit down during the evening. Honestly though, you pretty much just dance the whole time anyways. Drinks are about $8-$20 bucks apiece, but I expected at least that much or more. Typical for a club like this one. I think they pretty much make their money on the people who purchase tables and then have a 2 or more bottle buy in.

The decor is amazing. It has a sort of modern gothic feeling. Lots of red velvet with black accents and deep lighting. It’s sister club in LA has an airplane oriented theme (hence the name LAX) but the Las Vegas LAX does not. On every stairway and in practically every corner there is an employee with a flashlight helping to guide you so that you do not lose your footing. It was incredibally clean, when a drink was spilled or dropped, if possible, there was someone there trying to clean it up with a towel. I was impressed with how much they tried to keep it clean, especially with the place packed with people dancing.

Anyone been here? Good experiences? Bad? I thought it was a pretty great club experience.

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Movie Review: Short and Sweet Reviews

Reign Over Me:
Adam Sandler deserves to win an Oscar. Meaningful writing and powerful acting. 5 stars.

Fun to sing along to, but John Travolta as a woman makes me cringe. 3 stars.

High School Musical 2:
Sickeningly cheezy pop musical. Love every minute of its cheeziness! 4 stars.

Ocean’s 13:
Not as good as 11, but better than 12. Nice to see the boys back in action in Vegas once again. Definately a nice ending to the trilogy. 3 stars.

Pirates 3:
Action, Pirates, Heathen Gods, Love and Adventure on the high seas. Great movie. 4 stars.

December 17, 2007 at 8:29 pm Leave a comment’s Christmas WISH list!

Random assortment of stuff I would love to get for Christmas. My dream list…these things won’t be showing up in my stocking this year, I can assure you!





bags.jpg john_kras.jpg

Yeah, chances are extremely slim that I will get any of these under my tree this year…but if I had to pick one I would pick Mr. JKras himself… 🙂 haha

dress/clutches: express, shoes:ninewest/aldo, dvds: amazon, coat: gap, book:urban outfitters, itouch: apple, bag: metropolitan museum

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Prison Break: Monday Links

Another Monday without Prison Break… Depressing. 35 more days until PB returns…


So here are some fun PB links for you all to enjoy:

-A blogger’s encounter & photos with Robert Knepper (T-Bag) & Brett Ratner: Link

-Wentworth Miller & Dominic Purcell (attempt to) speak french for a tv station: Link 

-Wade William’s (Bellick)  blog on TVguide: Link

-DenverPost article about Robert Knepper (T-Bag), it even says he may be the villan in the next Bond movie (yay!) : Link 

Happy Prison Break Monday!

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