Movie Review: August Rush

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Musicians Louis (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Lyla (Keri Russel) have a random one night stand in New York City. Lyla becomes pregnant but is in an accident and loses the baby, or so she thinks. Her father deceives her and gives the child to child services. The whole movie centers around the child, Evan/August Rush (Freddie Highmore) on his search for his parents through the music that they have instilled in him.


Music. The whole premise of the movie was based upon the music. Well I think they did a really nice job with the music. Not that anyone cares what I think, because honestly I don’t know too much about music, I like what I like. I really don’t know enough about the technical merits of music to make any judgements, but I will anyways…I loved the music in this movie.

Chemistry. The Chemistry between all of the characters was very strong and believable.

Freddie Highmore. This kid is so cute. It is interesting to see him growing up on screen. He looks so much older than when he was in Finding Neverland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think he did a really good job in this movie. Hopefully he will stick around and the child to adult actor transition won’t abandon him like many others.


Wizard. The character Wizard (Robin Williams) was very creepy. It made me nervous whenever he came on the screen. Robin Williams did a really nice job on this character though, so maybe this isn’t a Con. He just sort of freaked me out.

Ending. The wrap up at the end was too quick. I wanted to see some more of the reunion. The hopeless romantic in me wanted a big reunion and kiss. I know they would have answered all the questions that this cute little family had, but I still wanted to see it. Louis didn’t even know that he had a child. I just like to have answers.

Predictable. Most romantic chick flicks are, but in some of the previews they showed the ending. They showed Lyla seeing August at the end of the movie. Um hello?? That kind of is a suspense killer. I knew it would all end well, but don’t literally SHOW us the ending of the movie in the preview. That’s why its called a PREVIEW!


Cute, predictable, enjoyable. Very clean, rated PG. I enjoyed it, it was mindless, romantic and fun. It was not the tear-jerker that I thought it might be.

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