Prison Break: Boxed In

January 14, 2008 at 8:35 pm 5 comments


Oh I am just so incredibly happy to have Prison Break back on television! Come on FOX & Writers! You can work it out. Do it for the brothers! Do it for LJ! Do it in memory of Sara!!!! Please!

Thoughts on tonight…

Whistler– Seriously I wish we had some more clues as to what he actually knows that The Company wants from him. We haven’t had any hints of anything since way back when they had the bird book. What exactly does he know? I don’t trust him. And it makes me feel bad for Sophia too because she genuinely seems out of the loop. I really hope the writer’s have something at the end of this storyline that is believable, because I can see it being a giant letdown.

Sucre– Well I have to say I totally called it. It was SOOO obvious that the fight that he and Lincoln had in the hotel lobby was intentionally to be overheard. How can Susan B/Gretchen not see right through that? Maybe she doesnt own the Season 1 and 2 dvds like I do….kidding….

The General/Torturing– I have to say I think that the torture was a little downplayed. You would think they would keep Michael in the solitary box a lot longer. And why was the General so easily swayed. So we know Michael was telling him the truth, but why would he believe Michael? Also, wouldnt they try to get more information from Susan B/Gretchen? I feel like the whole having her strapped in and sprayed with water was not very effective. So she’s been tortured before…does this mean the general wouldnt be able to get any more out of her?

Susan B/Gretchen– Hello little hidden knife in my belt lady. Who do you think you are? 007? Honestly. Why would they have ever even let her out of the car with them? Why would they have even let her come in the car in the first place? The General wasn’t very good at any of this…

LJ– That kid is going to need some serious counseling. He had to hear stupid beeotch Susan B cut off Sara’s head. It makes me sad just to type that.

T-Bag & Bellick – Looks like T-Bag is still just pulling all the strings in the background as usual. I really love Robert Knepper as an actor, but they need to give T-Bag a little more this season. I miss his nasty yet really funny character. Bellick is getting a larger part. I am looking forward to next week after the previews to see if he really does throw down a chicken foot with Sammy. What would happen if both Lechero and Sammy were killed? Something tells me that this may put T-Bag right where he wants to be….in power. Hmm? Agree? Disagree?

Revenge– Michael going after Gretchen to avenge Sara? Will Michael be able to actually kill someone? Because through all of this…all three seasons…he has always been the good guy having to do bad things to help people. Will he really have the ruthlessness and anger to be able to kill for Sara? I really don’t know anymore. I think he is much less innocent and sure of himself as he was in season 1. Which makes sense since he doesn’t have all the answers. (Like T-Bag says “Lets see if he has a tattoo to get himself out of this one”) He has been sort of flying by the seat of his pants for the last two seasons. Where can he go? Who has he become? If he kills Gretchen does that make him just as bad as The Company?

Also…Michael Scofield speaks spanish???? What?

(screencap courtesy of kenyuki. thanks!)

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  • 1. Kenyuki  |  January 15, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Whistler: Still haven’t figured him out yet. Though I’m considering the thought of him and Gretchen being related. Why else would he care about her?

    Sucre: This 50k-gig kinda reminded me of the same trick he pulled on his Joliet peeps with Scofield together way back in Yu-Toh 😀 . Both involved bluffing and money. Coincidence?

    Torturing: Kellerman would laugh his head off if he saw this joke.

    General Zavala: With all due respect, this guy really sucked big time. He seemed nice though. But I mean, come on! He just leaves SONA with Gretch at the drop of a hat? And leaves her sitting all alone in the comfort of his backseat? Ruling a facility such as SONA, where the worst of the worst meet, he should’ve known better that to be such a sucker. Wtf?

    LJ: I was wondering how he got to Panama in the first place. Wasn’t Jane from S2 supposed to take care of him?

    T-Bag: I loved that tattoo remark! I had to replay that scene for like 10 times in a row. Robert rocks! And he flicked his tongue again….creepy!

    Bellick: Nice move with that solvent. Looks like Scofield had a slight impact on him 😉

    T-Bag owning SONA? I hope not…He can’t be so nasty without Michael.

    Revenge: That’s way too much for my imagination to handle. I’ll just set my hopes on the creativity of the writers :p Everything will surely turn out well in the end.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Scofield speaks Arabic, Greek, German, French, and Japanese as well!

    Mahone had a very remarkable performance on this ep acting-wise. His forced drug withdrawal act was really very impressive and high impact.

    Till next week!

  • 2. annieinmn  |  January 17, 2008 at 10:10 am

    I hadn’t thought of Whistler and Gretchen being related. Hmm. That would make some more sense.

    Kellerman would have been unimpressed. He is a much scarier bad-guy than stupid Gretchen can ever be. I kinda miss K-man.

    LJ – I think he came down to Panama to meet Michael/Linc when Linc was exhonorated so they could start the famous scuba shop idea…I will have to go back and watch to see if I can figure that out.

    Mahone did a great job. Although I can see him being killed off this season. Thoughts?

  • 3. amanda  |  January 17, 2008 at 11:05 am

    thanks for the comment!

    whistler and gretchen related?! hmmm……. i hadn’t thought of that. i’m just ready for some more information. lets get some stuff rolling

    i miss Kellerman!! at least we have private practice to watch him on

    i also think Mahone did a great job this episode. his storyline is coming to an end though. i could see him getting killed off. or just left behind in Sona.

    beach scenes?! bring ’em on!!

  • 4. Jessica  |  January 17, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    I want Sara back… She is the one for him… But dont think they going to bring her back :o(

  • 5. Daniel Finney  |  July 30, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    Who’s best then Mahone or T-Bag??

    I’ve got a couple of bets going with one of my mates, I’ve got Mahone to last longer than T-Bag….

    And Michael to be killed off at the end of season 4!!!!!

    We also had a quick thought of how high up the company pecking order whistler is, we think he might be bloody high for the bald guy to want need to have him ….. coz he mentioned sona around episode 19 or 20 in season 2. so already knew they needed him out then


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