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February 15, 2008 at 8:23 am Leave a comment

Can I just tell you…one of the worst feelings…

Last night I had plans with friends and so I was unable to watch LOST. So before heading out for the night, I put in a tape to tape the episode. Archaic I know, but its hard to justify Tivo when I only have about 8 channels. But after tonight I might just have to get Tivo anyways.

So I got home late, and decided to watch the episode anyways, even though I knew a smarter plan would be to just go to bed and watch it tomorrow so I wouldn’t be falling asleep on my desk at work…but when LOST is involved I dont have much restraint. So I was watching the episode, being fully shocked, nervous, confused – all the emotions of LOST…when all of a sudden it just stopped. And started rewinding. WHAT????!!?!?! Yes. My tape didn’t tape the end of the episode. And the worst part is I dont even know how much I missed! Ahhhh!

Ok. So Tivo is on my must-buy list. And I will recap the episode after I have watched the ending(or more) that I missed online. Not happy. Not a good feeling. 😦

PS. As always…go read JOpinionated’s blog about this episode.

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