New Amsterdam: My New Favorite

March 25, 2008 at 8:45 pm 1 comment

I consider it one of my civic duties(ok maybe not) to share with you my totally unnessesary television opinions. Well get ready, because here comes another one. Most of you know I really dont like tv (yeah right) and I barely have any shows I even like (umm more like 15 favorites) and of course its not like I needed another favorite show to add to my list…but here it is! New Amsterdam. 

From now on John Amsterdam will be accompanying me during my exciting time on the treadmill or bike. Yes thats right, in a hope to control my tv viewing and also up my exercise time, I will now be watching tv while exercising. And New Amsterdam will be my gym show of choice. I have been downloading the episodes to my new and amazing ipod and only will be watching them in the gym. Thats some good incentive right? 

Anyways, I am a bit of a latecomer to this new show.  5 episodes have aired and I am just getting started on it. So now is your chance. Go download the episodes or watch them online and join with me in discussion about this new show.


John Amsterdam is a homicide detective in New York City. But that’s not all, he is also immortal. He saved a young girl in 1642 and she made him immortal. He can not die until he meets his true love and they are united as one. Ok, so I know it sounds a little bit cheezy, but it comes off as interesting in the show.  The homicides follow somewhat like any other cops/murder/csi type of show, but John seems to know extremely random things that apply to the case they are exploring. He is perplexing to his new partner Eva, who is still trying to figure him out.  The only person who knows John’s secret is a bartender named Omar. When he is chasing a murder suspect on the subway, he falls to the ground with a heart attack. He is taken to the hospital and pronounced dead by the doctor. Later he awakens, and realizes that his brief encounter with death must mean that his true love was somewhere in the vicinity that day. Its a police/murder show with a love story. Great entertainment.

One of the things I find most interesting about the show is the time. They show bits and pieces of many different time periods, and John has always lived in New York City. This one moment really won me over, they show John standing in front of photographs of Times Square, taken every single year. Oh how I wish I could really see that happen!

It is a great touch to add to this great show. I also enjoyed the music that was used. Calming songs that were somewhat old fashioned during flashbacks and yet fit seamlessly into the present-day scenes. I am headed to the gym tomorrow night to watch episode two. I will let you know how my second New Amsterdam experience goes later…. But give this one a shot! 🙂 

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