The Office: Chair Model

April 18, 2008 at 7:55 am 3 comments

Ok, last week I said I was going to write about the Office and then I forgot. Sorry! I know, maybe some of you don’t care, but my brother called me out on it. Whoops! I’m sorry…I didn’t do it!

But last night’s episode was a million trillion times more fun and so I will write about that instead. I love this show, but I love this show even more when it is in the office. Seems obvious right, but I love when you can see all the different characters interacting and in some sort of semi-work situation. It adds to the show.

First, I loved the 5 families storyline. Andy and Kevin trying to win back the parking spaces by calling together the families was hilarious. I love how they gave it a distinctly mob-family feeling and showed clips of each boss separately. Great idea. It was nice to see some more of Kevin, who tends to be a background character. And I really feel bad for the guy now that Stacy broke up with him.

Second, Hello JAM! Love the JAM! Jim and Pam were funny, cute, sarcastic and loveable in this episode. I appreciate when they really seem to be having so much fun together. It just makes the viewers feel all warm and giddy about the Jam relationship as well. I really do hope they get engaged. (I LOVE that Jim had the ring with him too!) I hope that the writers/network don’t feel the need to throw another curve ball in there and have Pam say no. Because honestly…how many times can a man be rejected before he goes running for the hills? They are finally together, happy and wonderful. Please please keep it that way! Please!!!

Lastly, I love Michael. I really do. But he was soooo mean to Pam’s landlady! How terrible! I felt so bad for her. But it was definately Michael Scott being selfish and superficial and making people uncomfortable…so in that sense it was right on.

Overall, I loved the episode. This is what the Office is supposed to be like. Yay for Thursday nights being back to normal again. (And next Thurs when Lost comes back too! Hooray!) What did you think of the episode?

Best Lines:

Hello, Oscar Meyer Wiener…Lover… -Michael

I’m optimistic. Because every day I get a little more desperate, and desperate situations yield the quickest results. -Michael

Andrew Bernard is the name of me. – Andy

I am not kidding. Got it a week after we started dating. – Jim (with ring! ahh!)

You wait till next year’s chair catalog comes out and find someone who’s still alive. -Dwight

(photo source -they have more cute Jam photos too!)

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  • 1. Pamela  |  April 18, 2008 at 8:47 am

    I love “JAM” but unfortunately…I can see something go wrong…maybe to a small degree, but it can’t always be puppies and rainbows with them. The engagement thing was cool and nail biting. I got all flustered and giddy but I also feel weird because I know the writers might try to throw a monkey wrench in the operation ( I hope not).

    Plus, the whole thing with the chair model and Michael’s “single-life frustration” was pretty cheesy. Michael for the first time was annoying me. I love Carrell, but I love Garvais’s version of Michael better.

    All in all, the new episode was half and half for me. Loved the JAM moments, the parking space fiasco but hated the Michael desparation.

  • 2. annieinmn  |  April 22, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    I hope the writers can figure out Michael’s singleness without making him so weird and crazy. Maybe he can patch things up with Carol and go back to being more normal again.

    ps. Where is Kelly Kapoor??? Give that girl some lines. She is hilarious!

  • 3.  |  April 22, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    I COMPLETELY agree…where is Kelly?!?! She is a scream!

    Have you seen her blog? It’s Things I Bought That I Love.


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