The Office: Night Out

April 25, 2008 at 9:47 am 2 comments


Um Helloooooooo Dwight! Making out with a random girl! Wow.

Well, I asked for more Kelly Kapoor and this week they actually gave the girl some lines! Yay! For instance, “I have a lot of questions. Number One: How dare you?” Kelly Kapoor cracks me up. I hope we get to see more of her in the future. (And also, is she still dating Darryl?)

Oh Michael Scott, please stop being so desperate. Honestly. I can’t take too many more episodes based on your singleness. I did however LOVE the gum stuck in his hair. The look on his face when Dwight was massaging the peanut butter just kills me. Hilarious! So great. And I love that he got the gum in it when leaning down and seeing something shiny. So Michael. I love it.

Ryan Howard is an ass. He just thinks he is Mr. Big Man in NYC. When really he is struggling up there, you can tell by the way he’s acting that he is lonely and now on drugs…ugh. When did The Office become so much about these serious topics? Drugs. Relationship Drama. etc. I miss the happy-go-lucky days of The Dundies and Office Olympics. What happened to inappropriate Office-related drama? Like Diversity Day and Health Care?

I was definitely shocked with Toby touching Pam’s leg! Gasp worthy. We have always known that Toby secretly has a thing for Pam, but I never really thought he would actually move on it. Wow. And right in front of everyone in the office and her boyfriend too! Yikes. I am interested to see if there is any fallout from that event in later episodes.

Best Lines:

“Show of Hands who thinks we are a better couple than Pam & Jim?” – Andy

“If I am dead, you have all been dead for weeks.” – Pam quoting Dwight

“You resemble a Tolkien character.” -Dwight

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  • 1. Dwight Schrute = Ladies Man « Cinematically Correct  |  April 25, 2008 at 10:38 am

    […] out Annie In Minnesota’s “Office” post. She posted this picture of Dwight making out with a chick at a night club in New York. She, like […]

  • 2. stephen ebanen  |  June 24, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    wow nice kiss


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