The Office: Goodbye Toby + Lost: There’s No Place Like Home

May 16, 2008 at 8:21 am 3 comments

I think my blood pressure is rising, just from last night. Thursday nights are really too much for me to handle when they throw episodes of The Office and Lost back to back. Ok, maybe I enjoy TV too much, don’t judge me…I know its kinda lame.

The Office:

JAM: As much as I loved all the cute JAM interactions last night, I have to admit was seriously disappointed that there was no proposal. That was sort of mean of the writers to do that to us. I better get to see the proposal though, if they come back in the fall and are already engaged I am going to be pissed! We deserve to see the engagement! We already missed out on their first date, first kiss, so much stuff….don’t take this away from us!

Dwangela: OMG! Sex in the Office! OMG! Ahhh!

Mr Andrew Bernard: I still can’t believe he proposed to Angela. Crazy! I loved how he brought his parents along and that they were the epitome of Cornell preppy-ness too! πŸ™‚ The little things add so much. (pic above was posted on facebook)

Holly Human Resources Lady: What HR person comes to their first day and basically hits on their boss? She is seriously the female Michael Scott. They are a perfect match. When she made the Yoda voice, and I couldn’t believe she made a joke about an Orgy…INAPPROPRIATE! Especially from an HR director! Maybe these two are perfect together.

Jan Levinson & Baby: Preggers…oh Jan! Maybe pregnancy will be good for her, help get some of her hormones straightened out. It has to be Michael’s, or as my friend CaJo said, maybe it is Hunter’s baby! Wouldn’t that be a scandal? Not that we really need any more around The Office right now. It is pretty drama-fied!

Enjoyable episode, but for me it was all overshadowed by the lack of JAM proposal. Oh well.


Hold on to your hats friends! The big shocker of LOST this season….

Baby Aaron is clothed for the first time!

Haha, ok….kidding! πŸ™‚

Jack: There is the dashing hero aspect to Jack…but in the last few episodes he just seems desperate. He is getting a little out of control, wanting to watch his own surgery, running off into the jungle with a recent wound and bleeding all over. His desire to do it all is kind of too much. It was endearing and wonderful in the first season when the biggest dilemmas were the loud noises in the jungle and trying to find fresh water to drink. His power trip and control issues are flaring up big time.

The Numbers: Oh they are back! What is it about the numbers? So interesting to me. And also, true confessions, I have always wanted to try playing the lottery with these numbers. I know that for the show they are cursed and whatever, but I just have always wanted to do it.

Sun Paik: Thats right! You show Daddy Paik who is boss! WOOOO! I was so proud of her during this scene.

Desmond: For some reason, Desmond is quickly becoming my favorite. Even the few scenes he had last night I loved. He is great.

Sayid & Nadia: Loved this moment.

Ok that’s all I have for right now. I will maybe update some more later!

Comments? Did you enjoy this night of heart-pounding excitement?


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  • 3.  |  May 16, 2008 at 11:38 am

    The bit at the end with Dwight & Angela was a scream. I loved it!

    I am so bummed that there was no proposal from Jim. No matter how much I find Andy funny, I wanted to throttle him!! AHHH!!!


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