TV: JJ Abrams, The Fringe & LOST

May 22, 2008 at 2:56 pm 1 comment

Ok J.J. Abrams, I know you are brilliant and everything. I love your shows and am so addicted to LOST I can hardly wait for next week.

But seriously after watching the preview for your new show The Fringe (which looks awesome, by the way) I think you are just trying to make me irrationally scared of two things…

Flying…of course. First Oceanic 815 breaks into pieces and lands scattered on a mysterious island with polar bears, smoke monsters, freighter killers and Benjamin Linus. And now on The Fringe previews it seems that there is some sort of plane problem including blood splattered on the windows, men in biohazard suits and Joshua Jackson.

And then Matthew Abbadon! Who is this man? What does he know about Oceanic 815? Does he actually work for them or is he somehow in cahoots with both Widmore and Ben? Just when I think I am safe…then Abbadon shows up in Locke’s flashback! And now actor Lance Reddick(who is perfect for the role of Abbadon, and a fabulous actor) is somehow mysteriously involved in discovering the story of the freaky plane on The Fringe!

So J.J. Abrams…tell me….is this some sort of massive Ben Linus type manipulation to freak me out about flying and the potential of seeing Reddick post-flight????

(That is, if I survive the flight to begin with…which doesn’t look good.)

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