Prison Break: Season Premiere! Scylla

September 2, 2008 at 9:58 am 3 comments

Oh. I am so glad this is back! 🙂 SO GLAD.

Lets get right to the good stuff huh? Didn’t this episode seem like there was SO much in it? I was blown away by the amount of plot they covered just in the premiere.

I break it down by character….click MORE…

Whistler: Killed him off quick. I guess his contract was up.

Susan/Gretchen: I have to admit they faked me out a bit. I thought she really was dead. Yeah right. I should know better than to believe anyone is actually dead on this show unless they actually show a body (and “only the head” doesn’t count! haha)

Scary Company Guy: Did we ever hear his name? I don’t remember. But he is a really good and really awesomely scary bad guy. He might be scarier than Kellerman even. Susan B/Gretchen was never really a good bad guy…so I am glad they brought in a new character.

T-Bag: What else can they add to his evilness? Cannibalism? REALLY? Eww. How far away from civilization were they that he found the need to actually eat that other guy. Eww. Eww. At least the men that stole his money and left him out on the street didn’t take the bird book too. The way he was talking about it like it was so important made me wonder if they would steal that from him too. He was able to crack Whistler’s code pretty quickly too. I still love him…despite his creepiness. It’s obvious he will end up as a part of the team somewhere down the line.

Mahone: I felt bad that they had to kill off his wife and kid. Thats too bad. I was actually starting to really like him and root for his happy ending.

Lincoln: I know that he was just trying to protect LJ and Sophia from the company, but couldn’t he have knocked that guy out instead of killing him and ending up in jail. I know I know its the Company…they would have found them again eventually. Ps. It has been a while and I didn’t buy the overpriced season 3. Remind me why he is so pissed at Mahone still?

Sophia and LJ: I would have liked to see some sort of affection between Linc and Sophia. But I guess the fact that he stayed with her during the 3 weeks we missed means they are together. Do you think? And LJ has grown up since last season! He looks much older! Which I get a kick out of, because we have the exact same birthday…year and all. 🙂

Sucre: Oh I love Sucre! They must not have been able to get the actress that plays Maricruz back for the filming because it was sort of weird how we didn’t get to see her. I think Sucre would be the kind of guy who would have been in the delivery room with the birth and not waiting outside in the waiting room. But her family would be the ones to turn him in too…so who knows. Cute baby! I hope that he will get reunited with her later on too.

Michael and Sara: Oh the reunion! I know people had mixed feelings about her return…but I am SO SO GLAD that she did. It was a perfect reunion….I read some reviews that said that it was too quiet and uneventful of a first reunion…but I honestly think it worked out pretty well. Those of us who love those characters can appreciate the simplicity of the moment. Do I sound like a sap? Oh yeah. I am.

Every time they came on the screen together I would yell “Kiss! Kiss her!” to the tv…which my cousin found funny. But honestly…after all these two have been through…a little more physical affection would be a welcome change. They had some great moments. I like seeing them together again…or how about FINALLY. Because they barely ever have been in the same room alone….Fox River for moments and that one time at that hotel room. I was glad when Sara talked about wanting to be together because of each other and not because of what they had been through together. I agree.

Michael: The man always has a plan. I love that. I am glad that he was able to get his tattoo removed, but I am also sad because it means the end of so many things about the past. And honestly…wouldn’t that take hours and hours and multiple visits to remove? And yes…anyone would need drugs with that big of a tattoo. I feel bad that he is stuck doing this thing with the Company…but it is worth it if he can get off without any jail time and is able to be with Sara. (Oh I am such a sap. Sorry!)

Sara: About time this girl got some time to shine. I like seeing her working together with the boys on the mission. I always knew she was a stronger character than just waiting alongside Michael and its good to finally see that. She was tortured by Kellerman…Susan Beeotch (I still cant call her Gretchen)…and now its time for her to fight back too!

Roland: I think that is his name aka “New guy who can work magic with electronics.” He has definitely come in handy so far! And his sassy comments make me laugh. Yes. I am easily entertained. I hope they keep him around, but I am still wary of anyone we don’t know very well. What is his history? Can he be trusted? Everyone can be bought for a price…and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was somehow connected to the Company.

Daddy Burrows: Nice of him to leave clues for the boys. If he had it all figured out then why couldn’t he get Scylla? Was it because he didn’t have others to help him or did he know that someday it would land in the lap of his brilliant son?

Best Lines:

“Did you eat some bad Mexican?”

“Does this mean I have to divorce my wife?” (LOVED this moment)

Ok…I am done….Sorry this is SOOOO long but so much happened! Comments? What did you think????

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. MSco  |  September 3, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    it was a great episode. great!

  • 2. Suzanne  |  September 3, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    Mahones the only character they didnt fuck up. I’m sorry but i was disappointed the way they rushed together this story line in one episode.

    Totally dumb-o.

    Its like they got new writers or something. Did they?

    The preview for the ‘rest of the season’ looked like Prison Break spoofing prison break, meets Oceans 12 over and over again.

    I keep thinking Bellicks going to wear a fake mustach next and pose as a delivery man.


  • 3. K  |  September 4, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Hey!! Yeah, I read some not-so-good reviews of the premier, but I’m just glad they’re back!!

    The reason Lincoln is so mad at Mahone is because Mahone killed his dad in season 2. At least, I think that’s what he’s still mad about!


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