Prison Break: Shut Down

September 9, 2008 at 11:42 am Leave a comment

Well, this episode goes to Mahone. William Fichtner is an AMAZING actor. I thought he deserved a bigger role in the Dark Knight movie too…but that’s another story. As much as I hated him in Season 2, I love him more the more he gets connected into the storyline with our boys. It’s a good thing they have him around since he was really helpful this episode.  I was also glad that Linc was the one to hear his secret convo with Lang because he would have the most sympathy for a man who had lost his son. Speaking of…haven’t heard about LJ…poor kid just gets passed off from woman to woman while his dad jumps from prison to prison to warehouse.

Roland: Kind of a sissy.

Michael: He can do it all. I swear. There is nothing he cannot do. I was worried at the end that he wouldnt get a picture of the guys meeting at the power plant, so I was happy when he had the video on his phone to show Agent Self.  Also…is he having headaches? What is that going to be about in the future?

Lincoln: Loved when he took the axe and smashed the window. He may be on the “big and dumb” side of the fence sometimes, but I love Linc on a mission.

Bellick: An even bigger sissy.

Sucre: I feel bad for him. He just wants to be with his kid. Can you blame him?

Bruce: Poor Bruce. I feel bad that he had to die also. He was the only one left in Sara’s life who would help, but wasn’t dead yet. And now he is. Sad.

Storyline: I have to admit I was a bit skeptical before this season started, but I am actually starting to like the way that this is going. I like seeing all the guys working together as a team, kind of like they did in Fox River. I like seeing Michael and Sara together. I like seeing them work out short missions…and I like that we have a direction of the season now that we know who has the cards. I enjoy this idea because each and every card will have a different plot and storyline and possibly location. Gives us more variety than we had in the Sona season.

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