Movie Review: Twilight

November 29, 2008 at 7:26 pm 1 comment


Well I have to say overall I was unimpressed with this movie. To be fair, I am not really the intended audience for this, although I did get sucked in to the media overload. I went and saw it on opening weekend, and I read the book before I got there. That didn’t stop me from rolling my eyes at the lameness of this film.

I did love all the characters who were once a part of The OC though. 🙂 Just sort of fun for those big OC fans like me. Oh and Mike Dexter…as Carlisle. If you know what I mean, you just know. Can’t Hardly Wait is one of my favorite teen movies ever. So I love to see him in other stuff too.


-I really enjoyed the baseball scene. It was pretty much exactly what I imagined it to be, and it was entertaining.

-Bella’s dad. He was the perfect blend of awkward, funny dad. I think he was even better than in the book.

-The soundtrack. I really enjoyed the music that they picked.


– Jacob Black’s Hair

-Cheesy longing Let-Me-Stare-Into-Your-Eyes Scenes. They were even shot like sex scenes. Gag. I spent half the movie rolling my eyes at this.

-Bella being shown as a desperate I-Need-You type girl. In the books there is definitley that aspect, but at least it seems like Edward feels the same way in the book. In the movie he just seems moody and indifferent. I want to see real chemistry. I want to feel that Edward loves Bella like she loves him.

-The High School Friends (with the exception of Jessica – who was spot on teenage girl) were horribly annoying and seemed stupid.

-The vampire make-up. Super cheeseball. White face paint on everyone???

-Why did they feel the need to leave in the most random bits of information? Like mushroom raviolli? It is like they knew the fans would be mad if they changed anything, but instead of making the relationship seem more believable they threw in some random tidbits of information that were specific from the books.

-The shrieking girls in the audience.

I have heard that they are already going ahead with the movie of the second book, which I am sure will be a huge moneymaker for them…and also a huge disaster if it is anything like this movie. Although I do like Jacob’s character…so I will try to keep an open mind.

What did you think? Do tell.


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  • 1. ima kazmi  |  July 29, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    my thoughts about the movie are eerily similar. Charlie was one of the better parts about the movie. i like jacob’s character, and that is probably the only reason why i’m hung up on this series. I hate the vampire make-up, it makes the guys look like drag queens and the girls wierd, with the esception of Alice who looks pretty sometimes. the movie had too many gushy-mushy scenes, and so did new moon, making me want to throw up. And i hate it when movie adaptations trifle the original content….makes me want to shoot them!


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