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Website: Found Magazine

Ever find a random note, photo or drawing laying around and wonder what was going on with the person who wrote it/took it/drew it? My friend Caitlin told me about a website called where people are able to submit these sorts of things. Everyday they post a “Find of the Day.” Check it out. Its fun to see the things people find and read the comments that people leave as well.

One of my favorites… The link that introduced me to the site…


The Best Thing Ever

FOUND by Sam in New York, New York

“It was the first nice day of spring so I decided to go to Central Park. I found a nice plot of grass to lay down on and eventually fell asleep. When I awoke this was folded up behind my head.”


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Artist: Joe’s NYC

I found Joe’s NYC about a year ago and I really just can’t get enough of it. Joe is a photographer in New York City who posts a new photo everyday on his website. I am a New Yorker at heart and so this site gives me my daily new york fix!

Below are some beautiful examples of his work.




Another awesome New York photoblogger is 24gotham. Check that site out at

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Artist: Stuart Haygarth

I ran across this artist’s website randomly one day and fell in love with it immediately!

Stuart Haygarth takes found objects and creates lighting fixtures with them. It is amazing! His work includes glassware, lamp globes, eyeglasses, and other things.

He balances between sculptor and photographer in his works. Judging from the information on his site, he seems to consider himself a Photographer. What do you think? Is he more a photographer or a sculptor?

The images below are from a light he designed from popped party poppers from the Millenium New Years Celebration in London. It is such a beautiful shape with playful colors…


…but just look how amazing it is when the light inside is turned on. Who knew discarded trash could be so beautiful?


Check out his website at to see more examples of his work.

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