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Books: Sweet Valley High

Did any of you read Sweet Valley High books when you were younger?

They were a staple of my middle school years. I don’t think I read anything else during that time in my life….except for the few Saved by the Bell books that were also around. (Don’t judge me, but I still own them all in a box in my parents basement…and maybe own the Season 1 of the tv show! yikes)

Well, now that these books are being modified to appeal to present-day teens. Um. What? I just don’t know how I feel about this. Dickens? Austen? psh. These books are classics too! They are being updated to include new fashions, cars, and even (no big shocker) designer names and labels. If you ask me, the easiest way to pitch the lifespan of a book is to add a bunch of present day “hip” designer names and labels. Fashion is fickle people…There is a new hot name everyday.

Well anyways…I have to admit I am not thrilled about all these new changes, but then again, if new generations of teenyboppers are going to be fans of Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield, maybe it is worth it.

Take a look at what my favorite (and very funny!) fashion critics, the Fug Girls have to say about our new Sweet Valley High Updates…

“Sweet Valley High gets a Fashion Face-lift.”


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Watch + Read: Harry Potter Breaks (More!) Records

Harry Potter Book 7 Boxes

Well it has been a while since Harry Potter Book 7 came out. (The picture above is from Barnes & Noble’s release party with boxes of books stacked behind the counter) Can you believe that July 21st was so long ago already? What happened to summer…

The books have broken record after record, but it is now being announced that the movies are also breaking records.

“Warner Brothers has announced this evening that the Harry Potter series is the largest-grossing film franchise to date globally, surpassing Star Wars and and James Bond. Totaling $4.47 billion in ticket sales (with two films left to go, WB points out).” source

I love Harry Potter and I am looking forward to the last two films. I will definately be adding to the record-breaking ticket purchases. Probably midnight showings…complete with calling in sick to work the next day to recover…or see it twice!

Are you looking forward to the next movie? Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

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