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I’m so happy. 🙂



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Random: Look-alike guys on TV

Ok so this is extremely random, but the other day when I was looking at I came across these pictures of Chris Carmack (Luke from the OC).


He has his hair all grown out and for some reason I immediately thought he looked a lot like Josh Holloway (Sawyer from LOST).


Which after some further thinking…I realized also looks alot like Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights).


Crazy how there are some look-alike characters on TV these days! Look at the photos of Sawyer and Riggins…they even have the same crossed arm stance and everything.

What do you all think? Is there a resemblance there? Or am I just crazy? Maybe I have had too many Diet Coke’s today…

May 17, 2008 at 11:02 pm 10 comments

Fashion: 5 Best Dresses of the Week

I haven’t been too good about posting these lately, but I wanted to to a best dress posting this week. Just for the fun of it! 🙂 Check it out below. Also check out the link in the right column to see other best dressed postings…

1. Carrie Underwood @ CMA Awards

She is the winner of the week! Stunning Color! Flattering Cut! Beautiful Hair. Awesome… 5 stars! More pics here.

2. Miranda Kerr @ Victoria Secret Event

I love this dress. It is fun and playful and flattering. It has a nice print on it too which is sort of uncommon lately. It seems like a lot of dresses have been showing large obnoxious prints, but this dress avoids that completely. Check out more pics at

3. Reese Witherspoon @ Poppy Store Opening

Bright and fun. Reese is absolutely adorable…pretty much all the time. I love this dress. Pic from Jess’s Celebrity Realm.

4. Blake Lively @ Gossip Girl Set

This dress is great. I wish I could find this same dress to wear to a wedding I am attending this summer. I only wish I could see the bottom of it. I am guessing it is some sort of tea length. Has anyone else seen more pics of this? JustJared only had 1 of this particular dress.

5. Lauren Conrad @ US Weekly Party

Well, I have to say, I am sort of on the fence about this dress. I like it, but I don’t. To a certain extent it reminds me of a fishing lure. Random I know. But I like that Lauren is taking a risk with this dress. Often she plays it very safe and simple. This dress is sort of a change for her and I like seeing that, plus its the time of year for bright springy dresses! More at JJ.

April 18, 2008 at 8:22 am 5 comments

American Idol & Dancing With The Stars: My Top 4!

It usually takes me a little while to pick my favorites for Idol. (Except last year…I was a Jordin supporter from Day 1) But now we are far enough into the competition to the point where I can easily pick out my favorites.

David Cook

Hands down the best in the competition. He is amazing. Tonight’s version of Billie Jean was groundbreaking. I think this performance alone puts him in the finale. He gets my votes. ALL of them.

Brooke White

I have to admit I sometimes am on the fence with her, but she really can sing. I love how much she seems to care about the competition. I definitely will be standing behind her and rooting her on.

This year is the first year I have even seen enough Dancing with the Stars to pick favorites. But really its not tough.

Jason Taylor

First of all…he is one attractive man! But he also can dance! He is very athletic and he moves so smoothly and gracefully it is so enjoyable to watch. I also love to see him interact with his beautiful partner Edyta.

Marlee Matlin

I am so amazed at her skill and musical ability. She is stunning to watch on the dance floor.

Who are you voting for???

March 25, 2008 at 7:57 pm 1 comment

Fashion: 5 Best Dresses of the Week


1. Kate Walsh – I love this dress. It is so summery and fun! Although I really dont like those shoes too much and I wish she would go back to her red hair. More Pics.


2. Kate Beckinsale- I think this Versace dress might have been the best Oscars dress this year, and she didn’t even attend the actual awards. It would have been nice if she would have done something with her hair. More Pics.


February 29, 2008 at 1:25 pm 5 comments

Oscars: Minnesota Dominates!

Minnesota boys Joel & Ethan Cohn bring home Oscars for No Country for Old Men: Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Adapted Screenplay

And Diablo Cody, Minnesota screenwriter of Juno brought home the award for Best Original Screenplay. 

Yay Minnesota! 

Other Minnesota connections at this years Oscars…

Samantha Harris – E! channel correspondant is a Minnesota native.

Amy Adams – Got her start singing and acting at Minnesota’s Chanhassen Dinner Theater.

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The Office: Best Jim Halpert Computer Background EVER!


Is this the greatest thing you have ever seen in your whole life?

Ok that might be a bit dramatic…but its pretty great! I wish I could claim credit, but I can’t. This beauty was created by Taylor E. and added to Facebook. Please click on the image and look at all the detail in this thing. It’s a winner.


February 18, 2008 at 2:41 pm 4 comments

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