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Movie Review: Twilight


Well I have to say overall I was unimpressed with this movie. To be fair, I am not really the intended audience for this, although I did get sucked in to the media overload. I went and saw it on opening weekend, and I read the book before I got there. That didn’t stop me from rolling my eyes at the lameness of this film.

I did love all the characters who were once a part of The OC though. 🙂 Just sort of fun for those big OC fans like me. Oh and Mike Dexter…as Carlisle. If you know what I mean, you just know. Can’t Hardly Wait is one of my favorite teen movies ever. So I love to see him in other stuff too.


-I really enjoyed the baseball scene. It was pretty much exactly what I imagined it to be, and it was entertaining.

-Bella’s dad. He was the perfect blend of awkward, funny dad. I think he was even better than in the book.

-The soundtrack. I really enjoyed the music that they picked.


– Jacob Black’s Hair

-Cheesy longing Let-Me-Stare-Into-Your-Eyes Scenes. They were even shot like sex scenes. Gag. I spent half the movie rolling my eyes at this.

-Bella being shown as a desperate I-Need-You type girl. In the books there is definitley that aspect, but at least it seems like Edward feels the same way in the book. In the movie he just seems moody and indifferent. I want to see real chemistry. I want to feel that Edward loves Bella like she loves him.

-The High School Friends (with the exception of Jessica – who was spot on teenage girl) were horribly annoying and seemed stupid.

-The vampire make-up. Super cheeseball. White face paint on everyone???

-Why did they feel the need to leave in the most random bits of information? Like mushroom raviolli? It is like they knew the fans would be mad if they changed anything, but instead of making the relationship seem more believable they threw in some random tidbits of information that were specific from the books.

-The shrieking girls in the audience.

I have heard that they are already going ahead with the movie of the second book, which I am sure will be a huge moneymaker for them…and also a huge disaster if it is anything like this movie. Although I do like Jacob’s character…so I will try to keep an open mind.

What did you think? Do tell.


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Movie: FRIENDS reunion?!

If these rumors are true I will absolutely die.  My most favorite show on the big screen? I would be so excited!

Now, lets be honest, this has been kicked around and rumored for years…I highly doubt it will actually ever be made. Especially since Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have both been quoted saying that they would never do FRIENDS again.

Supposedly this is coming to attention again because of the successful opening and blockbuster money making release of the Sex and the City movie, insiders believe FRIENDS could be as big as SATC…or bigger!

But we can still hope right?  Read the article.

July 3, 2008 at 9:21 am 3 comments

Movie: Public Enemies

This sounds like a movie I definitely want to see.

The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s. (from imdb)

Starring: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Emilie de Ravin, Leelee Sobieski, Billy Crudup, Giovanni Ribsi

I am excited…sounds like a great cast and an intriguing story! They were recently spotted filming in Chicago.

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Harry Potter: New Pics Online

Go ahead and make fun all you want, but I am SO excited for the next Harry Potter movie to come out!

Yes, I am one of THOSE people. I will be hitting up the midnight showing with The Crew. We have done all the other movie showings together and book releases as well. So so so much fun!

Photos are starting to surface online, including the one above. Check out MuggleNet for more pictures!

June 4, 2008 at 12:09 pm 1 comment

Movie: Sex and the City

Yes, I was one of the crazy millions of fans who went to see the Sex and the City movie opening weekend. In Minneapolis it was a cold and somewhat rainy Friday night, but that did not stop every other female in the movie theater from wearing teeny little summery sundresses and 4 inch heels. Wow. I was amazed at the mass of girls wearing high heels. I know it’s what Carrie Bradshaw would expect, but still.

***FYI: Plot Spoilers Below***


Length- This movie was tooo long. I am a fan of the show, so I was ok with it, but it was still too long. Most romantic comedies are shorter…this is because otherwise they get old and too drawn out. This movie was too long. How many montages can we have of her trying on old clothes. I know that is part of the show, but still, it could have been trimmed shorter.

Not enough Stanford and not enough Anthony!!!!

Big & Carrie- Honestly. He is an ass. She is an idiot. Why are we supposed to believe that everything is all better now?

Smith & Samantha – I was seriously disappointed that they didn’t have a happy ending. I swear the only reason they didn’t end up together at the end was because then everyone would have had a happy ending…and of course that must be bad.

No one died? Stupid rumors.


Hair- I loved Carrie’s hair dark brown. When she dyed her hair I LOVED it. She should keep it that way. It felt very real too. The broad range of emotions was very real. Ups and Downs for every character.

Jennifer Hudson- She was fun. I know I have read some things about how she can’t act, but I loved her character and the fact that they wanted to bring in a new character during the movie. Her scenes with Carrie were heart-warming.

Shoes/Clothes – I loved all the shoes, dresses, etc…its both beautiful and WTF? at the same time. They even sort of mocked it themselves when Carrie and Charlotte are talking about the bird in Carrie’s hair. Charlotte gives her a look that is perfect…it’s exactly what you would expect.

Charlotte’s Kids – Definitely the cutest daughters! Of course she would have two girls!

The Closet- The stunning 5th avenue apartment made me sick with jealousy! It was amazing…and the closet that Big built for Carrie was phenomenal! I loved how JHud’s character commented that she was living in a one bedroom with 3 roommates. Thats real New York for you…or at least the NY I know. My NY doesn’t involve $595 pairs of shoes.

NYC- I loved all of the shots of NYC. The way they hit some of my favorite sights like the Public Library and the Brooklyn Bridge. I was homesick for the city just watching the movie.

Storyline- It finished out all their storylines and was wonderful. I really did enjoy the movie…but I am really against a sequel to the movie. There are already rumors of this…Come on people! Don’t beat it till its dead. Leave it on a high note.

Overall: If you are a fan of the show definitely go see it. It did exceed my expectations, but if you are just sort of interested, wait till video.

What did you think?

Also, here are two good interviews with Sarah Jessica Parker. I like her more the more interviews I read. She seems pretty grounded and sweet. Mail Online and New York Mag.

June 2, 2008 at 1:18 pm 6 comments

Movies: Summer Flicks!

Looks like I will be shelling out big money to go to movies this summer! Why does it seem that there are so many good ones coming out soon?


Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – Ok, I liked the first one. I didn’t LOVE it like my brother did, but I definitely want to see the next one. I like movies that are based on books, and part of a series.

Speed Racer – Well, I like car chases. This is essentially that. Oh and Matthew Fox…did I not mention that?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – I am so excited for this movie to come out. I love Indiana Jones. I love Harrison Ford. I love the idea of them making another one. I know, its sort of sad, but I definitely have the poster of The Last Crusade and I had it hanging in my room for all of jr high and high school. I am a big Indy fan. I know this means that my expectations are unhealthily high, but hopefully it will pay out and be good.

Wanted – Again. Action. Car chases. Enough Said.

Hancock – I think this looks like an interesting idea for a film. And I usually trust what Will Smith does (except maybe i-Robot). My friend Heath just about died when this preview was on tv last week. So I am guessing she will be happy to go see it with me.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Yes I know. I still haven’t seen this one. I have heard good things though. One of these days I will get over to see it.

Get Smart – I heart Steve Carell. That is the only reason I can find so far.

Chick Flicks:

Sex and the City: The Movie – Because I really just want to know how it ends.

What Happens in Vegas – I know this looks majorly lame and predictable. But what else do you need in a chick flick? I am thinking it will still be funny.

What else should I make sure to go see?? Please tell! I love movies…any recommendations would be awesome. 🙂

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Movie Review: Leatherheads

Well I have definitely been looking forward to this movie! My friends can tell you that I have been counting down to April for months now. So I rounded up some of my favorite people (you know who you are!) and went out to see it opening weekend.

I know the real critics panned this movie, but a fake critic like myself found it to be overall very enjoyable. It was funny, sarcastic, romantic. George Clooney plays George Clooney (does he ever play another role?), and John Krasinski plays Jim Halpert but better dressed with combed hair. 🙂 haha! The Characters were fun and loveable, they could have had a little more depth to personality, but their great chemistry made up for it. Renee Zellweger didn’t even drive me crazy like she tends to do. I actually enjoyed her character and believed that she was a newspaper reporter on the fence of a dilemma.

The football scenes were fun and active, but you weren’t lost. There was one somewhat confusing play towards the end, but the sports and the story were spaced out enough so you didn’t feel that either was sacrificed or overdone in the film.

One of the best parts of the movie was the way it honored the old-time film and movie style. I actually liked how the movie slowed from time to time to show fake old fashioned pictures, and how the credits were presented as actual credits at the beginning of the film. One of my friends thought it was too slow, but I thought it was a nice change from the way present films are done. Hands down the best part of the movie (other than staring at JKras and GCloo for 2 hours) was the costuming. They went all out for the look of this film and it really paid off. The suits, dresses, football uniforms were great. I am looking forward to seeing it again just so that I will be able to look at all of those tailored suits and glittery beautiful dresses and feathered hats.

Another great thing about this movie…it was set in Minnesota! Annie in MN LOVES that! Go Duluth!

Ok…so my final verdict on this one: Good Movie, Good Entertainment, Great Costumes & Sets. I think it was everything I hoped for, it was fun and entertaining and made me laugh, but it wasn’t any ground-breaker. I loved it. I would own it, but it most likely wont be up for Oscars.

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