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Prison Break: Blow Out

Sorry friends…I don’t think I will be able to recap this one for you guys. Its a long story…but I am out of town and while I will be watching it I won’t be able to access my computer to do a post.

🙂 I hope you enjoyed it though.


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Prison Break: Safe and Sound

Sorry…belated posting on this episode. Sorry! I am working on getting back on track on all of this posting now that it is Fall again. Summer vacation is over.

Michael: I feel much better knowing that Michael has a health condition that he had once before. Although the fact that Lincoln feels that it must be dealt with sooner rather than later…and by a doctor makes me nervous. And please PLEASE don’t lie to Sara. That is the last thing you two need.

Lincoln: Talk some sense into your brother. AND call your SON already! Why have we not heard about LJ yet????

Mahone: He is determined. That much needs to be said for him. It really is a testament to his character development that I am still supporting him. After all of the things that these guys have been through. Mahone has been back and forth between being the bad guy, the good guy and back again.

Scary Company Guy: Whats his name again? And why did he not follow Sara back to the hideout? I am so confused. Wasn’t that what he wanted?

T-Bag: Ugh. I want to hit him in the face.

Gretchen: They should have killed her. What is going to happen with her?

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Prison Break: Eagles and Angels

I think a few pictures are due before I do a short recap. 🙂



michael and linc in uniform

michael and linc in uniform

michael and sara

michael and sara

The boys are back to it again…as usual.

Lincoln: Is it just me or does he have more tattoos than he did in the last few seasons? Must have spent some time in a tattoo parlor in Panama with LJ and Sophia. (Where is LJ? Linc hasnt even called him)

T-Bag: Oh Teddy. Always something. The look on his face when he saw Lincoln from across the way was PRICELESS. Chances are that they are going to need him to break into Gate…which is obviously the site of where the cards can be read at. Now the question is can he fake the salesman thing long enough to make a deal with our boys and help them with their break in. He already dropped the ball on Xing and now he is dead. And also…that receptionist was Lindsay on the OC….Caleb Nichols love child. I love when actors cross between my favorite shows. 🙂

Agent Self: Things are falling apart for him. I hope he can really keep our boys on the right track. If it was anyone other than Michael making things happen it would already have been screwed.

Sara: I am sad that she started drinking again. I really hope that they avoid having the rest of the season be a downward spiral for her. That would make me sad. I really need her to have a happy ending with Michael.

Michael: Nosebleeds? Again! Ahhh. Please don’t have him die. Don’t do a brain damage storyline or anything else. It is probably just because he has spent the last 3 seasons with a furrowed brow and speaking with a loud raspy whisper. That would be hard on anyone.

Bellick: Someone better watch him. He’s going to get them in trouble.

Mahone: Love him. His character is winning me over with every single episode.

TALLY: 2 cards down.

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Prison Break: Shut Down

Well, this episode goes to Mahone. William Fichtner is an AMAZING actor. I thought he deserved a bigger role in the Dark Knight movie too…but that’s another story. As much as I hated him in Season 2, I love him more the more he gets connected into the storyline with our boys. It’s a good thing they have him around since he was really helpful this episode.  I was also glad that Linc was the one to hear his secret convo with Lang because he would have the most sympathy for a man who had lost his son. Speaking of…haven’t heard about LJ…poor kid just gets passed off from woman to woman while his dad jumps from prison to prison to warehouse.

Roland: Kind of a sissy.

Michael: He can do it all. I swear. There is nothing he cannot do. I was worried at the end that he wouldnt get a picture of the guys meeting at the power plant, so I was happy when he had the video on his phone to show Agent Self.  Also…is he having headaches? What is that going to be about in the future?

Lincoln: Loved when he took the axe and smashed the window. He may be on the “big and dumb” side of the fence sometimes, but I love Linc on a mission.

Bellick: An even bigger sissy.

Sucre: I feel bad for him. He just wants to be with his kid. Can you blame him?

Bruce: Poor Bruce. I feel bad that he had to die also. He was the only one left in Sara’s life who would help, but wasn’t dead yet. And now he is. Sad.

Storyline: I have to admit I was a bit skeptical before this season started, but I am actually starting to like the way that this is going. I like seeing all the guys working together as a team, kind of like they did in Fox River. I like seeing Michael and Sara together. I like seeing them work out short missions…and I like that we have a direction of the season now that we know who has the cards. I enjoy this idea because each and every card will have a different plot and storyline and possibly location. Gives us more variety than we had in the Sona season.

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Prison Break: Season Premiere! Scylla

Oh. I am so glad this is back! 🙂 SO GLAD.

Lets get right to the good stuff huh? Didn’t this episode seem like there was SO much in it? I was blown away by the amount of plot they covered just in the premiere.

I break it down by character….click MORE…


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Prison Break: Season 4 is almost here!

See this?

Do you see it?

Look Again!

Michael Scofield and Sara Tancredi are (ALMOST) back in action!

This image is from FOX’s summer promotions. Check out the rest of the pictures of Dominic Purcell and more at Seat42f.

Ps. It looks like the show is returning with a two hour season premiere on Labor Day! Mark your calendars!!! TWO HOURS!!!

July 15, 2008 at 1:02 pm 19 comments

Prison Break: Filming Season 4 begins in LA

Yes, it is true. Michael Scofield is back in action! Prison Break has started filming their new season in Los Angeles. Yay! Wentworth Miller was seen in LA running around in a suit (above) and also dressed as waiter carrying a case of champagne. And just so you know, Sarah Wayne Callies was also seen on set. Yay! I am so looking forward to this Sara & Michael reunion.

Check out the pics at!

And more pics on set (including Dominic Purcell shirtless) here!

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