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TV: JJ Abrams, The Fringe & LOST

Ok J.J. Abrams, I know you are brilliant and everything. I love your shows and am so addicted to LOST I can hardly wait for next week.

But seriously after watching the preview for your new show The Fringe (which looks awesome, by the way) I think you are just trying to make me irrationally scared of two things…

Flying…of course. First Oceanic 815 breaks into pieces and lands scattered on a mysterious island with polar bears, smoke monsters, freighter killers and Benjamin Linus. And now on The Fringe previews it seems that there is some sort of plane problem including blood splattered on the windows, men in biohazard suits and Joshua Jackson.

And then Matthew Abbadon! Who is this man? What does he know about Oceanic 815? Does he actually work for them or is he somehow in cahoots with both Widmore and Ben? Just when I think I am safe…then Abbadon shows up in Locke’s flashback! And now actor Lance Reddick(who is perfect for the role of Abbadon, and a fabulous actor) is somehow mysteriously involved in discovering the story of the freaky plane on The Fringe!

So J.J. Abrams…tell me….is this some sort of massive Ben Linus type manipulation to freak me out about flying and the potential of seeing Reddick post-flight????

(That is, if I survive the flight to begin with…which doesn’t look good.)


May 22, 2008 at 2:56 pm 1 comment

Prison Break: Season 4 Scoop!

Still no word as to when the Prison Break Season 3 dvds come out. I love the image above from Amazon. You can go there and request to be alerted with any new information regarding the PB3 dvds too. But I did see on my favorite spoilers site that TV Guide’s Ausiello gave a mini-scoop on Season 4.

Question: Got any Season 4 Prison Break scoop? — Taylor
Ausiello: Two new players in the war between Scofield and the Company will be introduced in the season premiere. On one side we have Don, an FBI handler who offers Michael a way to bring down the Company once and for all. And on the other side we have Penrab, the Company’s top assassin who’s waiting on the sidelines for his chance to attack.

Hmmm…interesting. Anyone else wish Kellerman would come back? I kind of do. He was a great bad guy…still no Benjamin Linus, but definitely a great bad guy. I do miss this show. I am very interested to see how they change things up for Season 4…and Sara’s return.

April 29, 2008 at 10:11 am 8 comments

Prison Break: Sara still ALIVE???



Read below!!! Our favorite druggie doctor might be headed back to our favorite inmate’s arms!!! Hooray!

Prison Break executive producer Matt Olmstead tells TV Guide,”Lincoln glanced at the head in the box for a split second. That could’ve been anyone. He wasn’t about to pull it up from the hair and inspect it closely.”

Olmstead also admitted that the fans affected the decision to bring back Sarah. “…once we started talking about it, it was mentioned again that fans are still wondering about her. And when people who are fans of the show — and of Sarah — are asking, “Is she really dead?”, what they’re saying, essentially, is, “I hope she’s not dead.” more at

Also Kristin at E! is confirming this too!!! see it here

I guess this is REALLY happening. Oh the MISA fans will be so very very excited! 🙂

What are your thoughts? In favor of this? Yes or NO?

March 27, 2008 at 3:23 pm 16 comments

Prison Break: The Art of the Deal


Well I just hate when seasons end. Especially when they end like this. I was really hoping that everyone would be able to have a somewhat happy ending, because I am worried that FOX wont pick PB up for another season. If this is the last episode ever, I will be very very upset. I wont be upset about the show ending, even though I do love it, I will be very upset if they end it and they never tie up all the loose ends. I will be ok with them ending the series, as long as they do it right.

The Trade: Very impressive. I just love all of Michael’s plans. How dramatic and awesome was it when he bashed his elbow into the display case? I loved it. It was very smart of him to work it out so Whistler would get stopped by the guards on the way out.

Lincoln: Well look who officially has a soft spot for Sophia. And she was very willing to head across to stick with our boys instead of the Whistler/Gretchen combo. I wish he would have tried harder to convince Michael to quit chasing Gretchen, but at the same time, he can’t make those decisions for Michael either.

Michael: How touching was that moment when LJ gave him the folded flower. That was probably the most meaningful moment of the season. I love when they flashback to the Sara days, I love it. I hate that she is dead. I really wish there was some way for there to be a way for her to still be alive somewhere. Wishful thinking I know…

He hesitated and couldnt kill Gretchen….does MSco have the revenge killer in him?


Sucre: Oh Sucre. I am so glad that he didn’t give up any information about the boys. But I really didn’t want him to end up in Sona either. I know this isn’t the show of happy endings, but I am too much of a romantic for all these torn up couples. I just want him to be able to go home to Maricruz and the baby. Where are we on the PB timeline anyways? How old would that baby be? It would be maybe late 2005 or early 2006? I am not positive. That would be interesting to figure out.

Mahone: He sure threw me for a loop. I really thought he had crossed over to be a good guy. I guess old habits die hard.

Sona: T-Bag, Bellick, Lecharo, etc….WHO CARES!!! I don’t care that Lecharo is dead. I don’t care that T-Bag is working out a plan. I really don’t care. Grrrr. I am sick of Sona and all the power games.

My big beef with this episode was how they were promoting an appearance by someone we never thought we would see. I assume that would have to be the nun. WHO CARES??!?!?! Ahhhh.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode, but I really think it would have been a much better appearance if it was someone we really never would have expected to see. Kellerman…Mr Kim…C-Note…Maricruz….see what I mean?

Thoughts? I guess Season 4 (maybe?) will follow Michael on a hitman mission following Gretchen and getting ready to kill her.

Check out more episode photos at JustJared and some more at JJ

February 18, 2008 at 10:18 am 14 comments

Prison Break: Hell or High Water


More Hell or High Water photos at my favorite spoiler website

FINALLY! I have been waiting all season for Prison Break to be this good again. I know its good when I find myself talking to the tv and getting nervous during the commercials. (Don’t make fun of me…I know I am a big dork.) But episodes like this is what make me love this show.

Lincoln: Well this was definitely the episode of Lincoln wasn’t it? We got to see Linc be the brains this time. And it was quite impressive. The water escape, the fake gunshots at the cabin.(I had totally forgotten about the fake gunshots) I was so impressed with him and was loving the whole escape. He even got to do some defensive driving and it was awesome to watch. I almost wish I would have taped this episode because its one I feel I could watch again this week. But it was also the episode of Lincoln being an ass. I understand that Mahone killed his father, but he was quite a jerk to him the whole time…

Mahone: Since I am on the topic of Mahone, how impressive has his personality turned around? He is willing to help and always being nice to everyone. I am really starting to like him and then Linc goes and freaks on him. Which I suppose is on purpose to get the audience all riled up. They know we are softys and will start to root for Mahone. Also…is he off his drug addiction now? I am confused. I hope that Lincoln doesn’t actually end up killing him.

Whistler: Was he faking that ankle injury the whole time? Or did he just happen to jump out of the window with a bad ankle no problem and run off to some random truck that just happened to be there? That slow-mo jump of his and the slow-mo jump of Lincoln were pretty great. Does he really have more contact with The Company than we think? Also…it was nice Susan Beeotch/Gretchen went out and bought some new lipstick for the escape…redonkulous.

McGrady: Poor kid. I just hope that everything works out for him. I kind of wonder why they didn’t take him into downtown Panama with them and then he could have caught a bus or something to a different city and met up with his dad elsewhere. Its not like they are going to be able to live in the same town as Sona anyways. So why split paths. They should have agreed to meet in a week or something. Hopefully he will be able to get past the road block. But with the way his Dad was able to pull it out and come to everyone’s rescue with the boat I am kind of hoping that he will be able to figure out a way to hide the kid before the police see him.

Michael: Next week looks pretty intense for Michael…we will have to see…can he actually kill Susan Beeotch/Gretchen to avenge Sara’s death?

Sucre: no no no No No NO NO NO NO. Do NOT put Sucre in SONA!!!! He needs to go live happily with Maricruz!

Bellick: I am pretty sure both Bellick and Lecharo are going to die next week. Thoughts?

T-Bag: Geez. Talk about a torture! But I know that he will be able to make it through…obviously he has the book and so that will come into play in the future. Maybe Sucre will be able to get it from him in Sona?

And now on to the sad news. Rumor on the street is that Prison Break might actually be done for good next week. I really really hope that they will at least finish out the show for real. I don’t really think they would need another season, but at least I want them to close out all the storylines this season if it is ending. I want Linc and LJ and Michael to be able to have that dive shop on the beach.

What did you think of tonights episode? What do you think will happen next week? What do you think is the future of the show?

February 11, 2008 at 2:32 pm 3 comments

Lost: Tonight is the Season 4 Premiere!

In order to tide you over for tonight’s big event…here are 4 fun LOST related things to check out before the season 4 premiere!


#1 – Visit Jorge Garcia’s blog!


#2 – REALLY Great interview with Damon Lindelof, producer/creator of LOST. (photo source)

#3 – Read interesting predictions and questions on LOST fan JOpinionated’s blog.

#4 – Want Spoilers?!!?! Visit this site.

January 31, 2008 at 4:02 pm 2 comments

Prison Break: Tonight it’s BACK!!!

pb.jpg source

FINALLY! Something decent to watch on television! Honestly this writer’s strike is going to make me crazy. I have been in serious denial without The Office, Prison Break and Chuck keeping me entertained every week.

And guess what! It’s coming back and its going to be better than ever! I am so excited!


Check out this interview with Kristin from E! and Dominic Purcell…

Hey! Thanks so much for calling, Dom. How were your holidays?
They were great. I went to Paris to promote Prison Break, went to London, and in the meantime, I was saving babies’ lives…

Yeah, what is up with that? What happened?
My brother and I were traveling to the west coast of Ireland to surf, and we saw this lady on the side of the road screaming and freaking out. We pulled over, and she was holding her baby, and her baby was blue and not breathing and choking, obviously. And my brother and I did CPR, the whole nine yards, and it survived.

That’s incredible. How do you know CPR?
I’ve got four kids. I’ve got to know that stuff. But what was really bizarre was after we brought the baby back to life, we were in some stranger’s house on the side of the road where we called the ambulance, and the person in the house wanted my picture and autographs…It was just bizarre. [Laughs] My brother and I are superheroes.

On- and offscreen, right?! Well, on behalf of all the Prison Break fans, bless you for being on a show that’s coming back on the air. We need something good to watch right now!
I know. It’s pretty bad, right?

Yeah, so what can you tell me about the five new episodes?
Expect a breakout—and you can expect the usual suspects attempting to break out with Michael. A few of them make it, and a few of them are left behind.

I hear Linc might be getting some action?
Well, that’s f–king news to me, because Lincoln has yet to be laid! There’s a whole lot of jesting going on, but no action.

Well, I’m hearing Sofia starts pulling away from Whistler and getting closer to you…
Yes, that’s true. I definitely think Linc has a soft spot for Sofia and, likewise, her…So, we’ll plant a few seeds as to what may happen between the two of them.

Word is you shot scenes on location in Florida, including some underwater stuff in the middle of the ocean. What was that like?
It was awesome. I loved it. And I’m gonna give you a little scoop. [Laughs] Wentworth and Bill Fichtner refused to go out there because they are scared of f–king sharks! But me and Whistler, Chris Vance, the two Australian he-men, decided we could deal with it, so we went out, and we were bobbing around in the middle of the Atlantic. It was fun. The water was warm, and apart from the occasional great white that came along, it was good.

You also have a big stunt scene involving a Panamanian bus that Lincoln commandeers…Are you the new Keanu?
I shot that in Dallas. It was a normal, crazy-ass stunt where Lincoln gets hold of a bus and crashes it through a bunch of telephone polls.

There’s a rumor the American woman who visits Michael this season is the subject of a spinoff called Cherry Hill. What do you think of that? Is a spinoff a good idea?
It depends who you talk to. If I talk to certain writers on the show, they’re like, “No, there’s no such thing.” And at one point they were trying to make it happen, but they couldn’t find the girl, so now Fox is done with that idea. So, it’s really up in the air.

source: Watch with Kristin on E!

January 14, 2008 at 2:05 pm 1 comment

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