The Good…and the Bad.

You know how when something good happens it seems like something bad has to accompany it? Exhibit A:


I got this…the most glorious of tvs I have ever had the opportunity to actually own. Its 37 inches…that means Jim Halperts face is LIFESIZE. 🙂 Love it.


The tv was set up for two days and my DVD player dies. How is that for karma?


October 30, 2008 at 8:41 pm 2 comments

Annie in MN? Annie in NY?

Well friends…sorry I have barely been writing lately…but I have been busy!

First of all, I moved to New York City! Yep. I still can hardly believe it myself, but as you can imagine, with moving and starting a new job and all of that sort of thing I have barely had time to post to this blog. Apologies!

The second thing about it is….its almost shameful…I don’t have a TV here yet! GASP! I know. For a TV junkie like myself (and you too if you read this blog much) it is a whole lifestyle change. Don’t worry friends…next weekend I will be going to go pick one out. Its going to be a pretty flat screen HD sort of dealio too. When I get my tv back…it will be picture perfect. Literally.

I have been watching my favorite shows(The Office, Prison Break, Chuck) online…and the secondary shows(Gossip Girl, OTH, HIMYM) have fallen by the wayside for the time being. So give me another week or two and I will be back to posting like normal.

How are you all? What have you been watching? Do tell…

October 18, 2008 at 3:13 pm 3 comments

Prison Break: Blow Out

Sorry friends…I don’t think I will be able to recap this one for you guys. Its a long story…but I am out of town and while I will be watching it I won’t be able to access my computer to do a post.

🙂 I hope you enjoyed it though.

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Chuck vs. the First Date

Have you watched this yet? Get yourself over to and see it!

Seriously…I watched the whole premiere on Tuesday just for the fun of it.

I won’t give too much away in case you haven’t seen it yet. But the emergence of Charles Carmichael is wonderful. And I love that the Weinerlicious has changed to be a frozen yogurt store. Evidently any store in that location can use Sarah’s amazing serving skills.  Plus the Buy More cagefighting is hilarious.

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The Office: Weight Loss

AHHHHH! It’s finally here! The premiere of the Office. BEST DAY EVER!

Andy & Angela: Did he get a haircut? Big haircut. I feel bad for him that he seems to love Angela so much and she just seems to be bent on faking her feelings for him and making him jump through hoops in the process.

Angela & Dwight: Hello Scandalous! Our proper Ms. Tight-Wad is gettin jiggy with Dwight in the warehouse. Oh the scandal. Dwight needs to lay himself down on the line and claim her! Seriously. Plus I loved how funny and giddy the two of them were while they were sneaking around.

Phyllis: I would have been livid too…Dwight was so mean to her! She was definitely within her rights by calling David Wallace. Ps. What happened to Merideth’s face?

Ryan: As wierd as it is…I am glad to have him back. And having him taken down a notch or two is appreciated. He was such a jerk last season. No more “wunderkind” for him.

Kelly: She totally looked horrible when doing that juice cleanse. I have read about those cleanse diets and they seem totally nuts. I gasped out loud when she fainted right off the weighing thing. ps. She better not take Ryan back! I like Darrell. Plus I almost died of laughter when she was sitting on the couch in the front office making out with him while Ryan was at reception. pps. I really think I could be friends with Kelly in real life. And Mindy too.

Michael & Holly: Wow. Who knew Michael Scott could be so normal when he was actually trying to impress someone. Those two are MADE for each other. It’s perfect. Too bad there is Jan and all that other baggage. And Holly seems to put her foot in her mouth just as much as Michael….ex. Oscar and the gay/lesbian convo.

Jan: Oh man. She is majorly preggers. Yikes. I see raging hormones for the rest of the season.

Now….what we have all been waiting for. This is the reason I live for Thursday nights. (Yes I know that sounds sad…and NO I don’t care)



PAM & JIM!: ENGAGEDDDDDDDDDDD! Ahhhh I almost died. Literally. Was everyone else surprised? I was. I have been watching all sorts of interviews and reading articles and everything about the upcoming season and in all of them John Krasinski has been saying things about the distance between Pam and Jim and that Jim’s moment was ruined by Andy and now he has to regain his confidence…etc. Well, JKras nice work because you totally threw me off. I definitely would have thought that this would be pushed back another episode or two.

I am just so happy about the whole thing. I am happy that it was raining and he just sprung it on her so spontaneously. Love it. So Jim and Pam. So normal. Awww….Love them. I stole the pic below from Cinematically-Correct. But I’m sure he won’t mind.

Your thoughts? I loved the whole episode. So happy The Office is back!!!

September 25, 2008 at 6:16 pm 6 comments

Prison Break: Safe and Sound

Sorry…belated posting on this episode. Sorry! I am working on getting back on track on all of this posting now that it is Fall again. Summer vacation is over.

Michael: I feel much better knowing that Michael has a health condition that he had once before. Although the fact that Lincoln feels that it must be dealt with sooner rather than later…and by a doctor makes me nervous. And please PLEASE don’t lie to Sara. That is the last thing you two need.

Lincoln: Talk some sense into your brother. AND call your SON already! Why have we not heard about LJ yet????

Mahone: He is determined. That much needs to be said for him. It really is a testament to his character development that I am still supporting him. After all of the things that these guys have been through. Mahone has been back and forth between being the bad guy, the good guy and back again.

Scary Company Guy: Whats his name again? And why did he not follow Sara back to the hideout? I am so confused. Wasn’t that what he wanted?

T-Bag: Ugh. I want to hit him in the face.

Gretchen: They should have killed her. What is going to happen with her?

September 25, 2008 at 6:13 pm 2 comments

Monday Night TV

Is this some sort of conspiracy by the makers of TiVo? Have they convinced the television big wigs to put all of my very favorite shows on the same night in order to force me into purchasing a TiVo????

Seriously…Check this out. Currently:

Prison Break –  7 pm

Gossip Girl –  7 pm

One Tree Hill –  8 pm

And then upcoming…

How I Met Your Mother – Sept 22

Chuck – Sept 29

Samantha Who? – Oct 6

Yep. That is my whole line up…except for two Thursday night shows…The Office and Lost.

Do you guys have overlaps too? This is crazy!

September 15, 2008 at 8:54 pm 3 comments

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