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Tag, I’m It

Well, I am very belatedly responding to JOpinionated’s tagging of me in her meme post. (Sorry Jo!)

Here is the deal…I am to post 7 fun facts (random and/or wierd) about myself for all of you to enjoy.

1. My favorite Holiday.

I know everyone loves Thanksgiving and Christmas….and I do too, but my favorite holiday is The 4th of July. Everything about it is wonderful. It is warm and sunny, all of my family and friends come over for a barbeque, fireworks, sparklers, millions of photos, badmitton contests, jello in the shape of the united states, Lake Minnetonka, glow sticks and even the Minnesota mosquitos are wonderful.

2. My Celebrity connection.

I love seeing famous people. So sue me. Random celebrity knowledge and gossip is my guilty pleasure. I love seeing famous people. And now that I live in New York City, I see even more famous people. One of my very favorite times meeting someone famous was when my Brother and I met Jeff Hephner in Central Park. He played Matt Ramsey on The OC. He was definatley a minor character, but it was so much fun and we were so excited to meet someone from the show…at the height of OC fame.

More recent sightings: Taylor Kitch and Scott Porter (Tim Riggins & Jason Street of Friday Night Lights) and I got to see these two at the Thanksgiving Day parade this week…. (ahhh!) Merideth & Oscar from The Office.


3. My favorite food.

I know its wierd. Don’t judge me. But I love Jello! My favorite flavors are Orange, Pineapple and Lime.

4. My first (fictional) Love.

It is no shocker to most people who know me, and those of you who read this blog…I have plenty of TV shows that I love, and so I am sure it will come to no surprised that I love fictional characters. But who was my first love? My very first love…tv boyfriend….Zack Morris.


Yes. The days of The Max, Zack Attack and countless high school schemes from this blonde haired California boy first captured my heart through my TV set. And yes, I still love to watch the cheeseball episodes of Saved by the Bell on reruns.

Other TV boyfriends include: Jim Halpert (The Office), Chuck Bartowski (Chuck), Ryan Atwood (The OC), Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights), Chandler Bing (Friends), Max Evans (Roswell), Michael Scofield & Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break) and Wilson (7th Heaven).

5.  My 4 favorite places in the world. (In no specific order.)

– New York City: I have just moved to the city…just finished two months. Woo. It has been my life goal to end up here, and now I am. I love the city. I love the people, the subway, the variety and all the infuriating and random things about it as well.

– Lake Minnetonka, MN: My hometown. The most beautiful lake in the world.

– Tamarindo, Costa Rica: One of my favorite family vacations. A relaxed and gorgeous surf village on the ocean. Wonderful memories.

– Santa Cruz, Honduras: A place I spent time doing missions work twice. Life changing experiences.

6. Movies I will never ever watch again.

Since my childhood I have refused to ever watch two movies. And they are a random pairing at that.

Where the Red Fern Grows. This movie scarred me for life, when they get the shotgun to put the dog out. I never saw the end of the movie, and never will again.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles. No idea why, but when the car burns, I cried and cried and told my parents I would never watch this movie again.

7. A new Thanksgiving tradition.

This year I started a new day-after-Thanksgiving tradition. My friend and I watched all of the Thanksgiving episodes of our favorite show FRIENDS while baking christmas cookies. Next year I may add the Thanksgiving episodes of How I Met Your Mother also. 🙂


November 29, 2008 at 7:28 pm 3 comments’s List of Lists: Hottest Local Male News Anchor

Ok, so I haven’t ever actually looked at this List of Lists thing before this year, but I already have an issue with it.  Below is the list of

Hottest local male news personality

  1. Sven Sundgaard
  2. Mike Pomeranz
  3. Frank Vascellaro
  4. Eric Perkins
  5. Don Shelby
  6. Keith Marler
  7. Rick Kupchella
  8. Joe Fryer
  9. Jason DeRusha
  10. Jonathan Yuhas

Ok, I love Sven and all. As in I love to make fun of him from my living room. (Or point at him as he goes running by at Lake Calhoun.) But he does NOT deserve to be the hottest local male news celebrity!

And my personal favorite (and old man crush), Jeff Passolt, didn’t even make the list. Sad. I’m calling for a recount. Also, when googling to find images of both of them, I found out that Jeff Passolt was a record scoring hockey player during his days at St. Cloud State. That alone should push him right up into the number 1 spot. Yes?

image, list, image

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Bad News Friday.

Today JULY 25th marks what I typically consider the WORST DAY OF THE YEAR.

I saw my first “Back to School” commercial this morning.

This doesn’t have the same impact on me as it did as a child, but it still sends chills down my spine. This means summer is already coming to an end.

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Random: Cell Phones pop Popcorn???

I don’t understand exactly how this is happening….but if it is real…we are all in trouble.

July 1, 2008 at 1:18 pm 1 comment

Random: Strawberry Shortcake has a new look.

Ugh. Ever since I heard that the Sweet Valley High books were being updated for present day readers I have been worried that my childhood favorites are disappearing.

Well now I KNOW it is true. According to this article, now Strawberry Shortcake AND Care Bears are getting a makeover.

Strawberry Shortcake has a kicky new look and instead of her trademark kitty cat friend, she now has a CELL PHONE. gag.

Care Bears will be going on a crash diet and will be showing “less belly fat” and having “longer eyelashes.”

How sad. I like my Care Bears happily plump thank you.

June 13, 2008 at 2:01 pm 5 comments

Music: iPod Speakers for Every Occasion

Yes, I can barely live without my iPod. (I know, its a bit dramatic) But I pretty much bring it everywhere and listen to it all the time. I just got some stand alone travel speakers to go with it, but check this out…there are tons and tons of different speakers to go with your ipod. I have highlighted a few of my favs below…

Best Speakers for Men On-the-go: iPod Belt Buckle

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this first. I think it is such a cool idea. They come in multiple designs (for men and women), but so far it looks like they are built to hold the Nano only. I am sure it will be only a matter of time before you can put your iTouch or Video iPod on your belt and let your neighbor watch a tv show at your waist. Weird. Buy them online at TuneBuckle.

Best Speakers for Women On-the-go: iPod Shoulder Bag

Ok, I found this image on this site, but I cannot find anywhere to actually order them online. Sorry, but no link for this one I guess. Call me a dork, but I could own this. It would be sort of fun to have when you are at the lake and on vacation. I love things that are both functional and fun.

Best Speakers for a Big Party: Pink Cube Speakers

These sort of crack me up, partly because they are hot pink. Check them out line at SendIt.

Best Speakers Just for fun: Giant Earbud Speakers

A playful take on the Apple earbuds. Bring them anywhere and everywhere. Buy them on the website at FredFlare.

Best Speakers for the Beach: iPod Boombox

I love this. Partly because the guy in the picture looks so hilarious. Want to relive the past days where boom boxes were a way of life? Now you can! You put your ipod into the center of the boom box and then it can be controlled by the buttons on the front.Purchase the boom box online at UrbanOutfitters.

Best Speakers for the Bathroom: iPod TP Roll

Yes. This is real. I could hardly believe it myself. Purchase this TP roll speaker system at OldFashionedValues.

June 6, 2008 at 10:16 am 2 comments

Random: One more thing…

Ok last week I posted about what I purchased with my economic stimulus money…well add one more thing to that list.

Yes, I am now the proud owner of a Twins jersey. Yay! I guess now I can finally call myself a Minnesotan. You can buy them online here. I just bought mine on a whim at the game. Yay economic stimulus!

Wednesday Twins games are the BEST deal around here. Bring your student ID (which I am still using, even though I have been out of college for a while) and get a upper deck general admission ticket for $4. And even better…Wednesdays are Dollar Dome Dog night. So really…its cheaper to go to a game than go see a movie. And it really is more fun.

Check out the Twins schedule here.

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