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Bon Jovi plays FREE concert in Central Park

Consider this reason #8,003 that I am sad I do not live in New York City.

It was just announced that my very favorite rocker Jon Bon Jovi will be playing a free concert in Central Park on July 12th. The Concert begins at 8 pm (grounds open at 2pm), and you can get your free ticket at Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium or KeySpan park starting tomorrow morning at 9am.

Central Park’s Offical Release Statement.


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Read: Dwell Magazine

My co-worker brought in a pile of new magazines for people to read yesterday. Mostly they were your average Mom magazines…Martha Stewart, Real Simple and Oprah…but there was a new one in the pile called Dwell that I hadnt read before.

I took it home with me and read it cover to cover on the bike last night at the gym. It is a great magazine for someone like me. It speaks about Architecture, Design, Home Furnishings, Modern Technology and Sustainiblity. 🙂 Some of my favorite topics…

I was very interested in an article where two New Yorkers are campaigning to develop an unused section of elevated train track on the Upper West Side. The High Line would be used as a park and environmental respite for New Yorkers and Tourists. Read more about it at

One of my favorite things I found on their website were the photo montages of the site of the High Line. Like the one below.

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Visit: LAX night club, Las Vegas


If you are ever in Vegas, check out LAX nightclub. It was pretty awesome.

Before you go, visit their website, you can add your name to the guest list by e-mailing for most events. They definately have alot of big name stars host events. The night I was there with my friends Nick Lachey was hosting a party along with Nicky Hilton and Wilmer Valderrama. I believe Paris and Nicky Hilton are hosting a New Year’s Eve bash there this year. Get yourself on the guest list and you can enter easier, although honestly, it you have a group of all girls you can get in just by heading up to the front of the line and telling the bouncer that you have all girls in your group. We were able to get in free even, which isnt always the case. Sorry guys, I am pretty sure you will always have to pay cover. (Oh it pays to be a girl!)

The dance floor is in the middle of the room with VIP elevated on one side near the DJ booth, the rest of the layout is filled with table areas for people who are paying for bottle service. One downside, unless you are paying for bottle service there is no where to sit down during the evening. Honestly though, you pretty much just dance the whole time anyways. Drinks are about $8-$20 bucks apiece, but I expected at least that much or more. Typical for a club like this one. I think they pretty much make their money on the people who purchase tables and then have a 2 or more bottle buy in.

The decor is amazing. It has a sort of modern gothic feeling. Lots of red velvet with black accents and deep lighting. It’s sister club in LA has an airplane oriented theme (hence the name LAX) but the Las Vegas LAX does not. On every stairway and in practically every corner there is an employee with a flashlight helping to guide you so that you do not lose your footing. It was incredibally clean, when a drink was spilled or dropped, if possible, there was someone there trying to clean it up with a towel. I was impressed with how much they tried to keep it clean, especially with the place packed with people dancing.

Anyone been here? Good experiences? Bad? I thought it was a pretty great club experience.

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NYC: Vintage Trains Running

Someday I would love to begin a post saying…

As a New York City resident…

but since I am not that lucky, I will start it like this…

As a “New-Yorker-at-heart” I think this is AWESOME!

From now through December New York’s MTA will be running vintage trains on the V line. The Transit museum owns many of these and they will be bringing them out so New Yorkers can take a trip down memory lane. I love it. I love the subway in general, even with all its dilemas it really is an awesome part of the city life in nyc. I also kinda want to check out this Transit Museum when I get back to NYC next. (Which hopefully will be in April! yay!)

Check out this link to see a picture of the vintage trains and read a first-hand account of the ride on the vintage trains.

Also, check out this awesome NYC subway map umbrella. Kinda just looks like they reshaped the NYC shower curtain that I looked at a while back. 🙂 haha.


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Listen: Dane Cook “Rough Around the Edges”


Comedian Dane Cook recently came out with a new live album called “Rough Around the Edges”… I have always been a fan of Dane’s comedy (and movies) but I wasn’t planning on buying his new album. Which is why it was so awesome and exciting when I got an email from the website Seat42f saying that I had won a Dane Cook prize pack from them! I visit that site frequently, but I had forgotten about entering to win the contest! Thanks Seat42f!!!

Last week the prize came to me, his new album which includes cd and dvd, and a t-shirt! I had just enough time to get it loaded on my ipod before I left for vacation last weekend. My friends and I listened to it on our drive to Las Vegas and laughed and laughed!

This album is great fun. Hilarious! I love his comedy and how it applies to a younger generation than some of the other well-known comedians out there. He tends to be somewhat inappropriate depending on your personal thoughts, but it is great fun.  My favorite bits on this album are: TiTo and the War Flute.

While in Las Vegas, guess who just happened to be there? Dane Cook! He was in town on his tour for one night, one performance! So we bought tickets in the cheap seats and went to see him. If you ever get a chance to go, do it! It was so much fun! 🙂


What do you think of Dane? What are your favorite of his bits?

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Visit: Las Vegas Strip

Woooo VACATION! I am headed to Las Vegas at the end of November for a vacation/girls weekend with some of my favorite friends! wooo!

bell.jpg source

So now starts the list of Things To Do in Vegas:

1. Bellagio Fountains – AMAZING. (in the pic above) Choreoraphed fountains along with classic music. Beautiful. I could stand there for hours. Its also seen at the very end of Ocean’s 11 (the Brad Pitt/George Clooney remake version)

2. Nightclubs! – Tao, LAX, Pure, Ghostbar, Social House. Yep lets work the party scene here! FYI – I was not impressed with the Coyote Ugly bar at New York, New York. I wouldnt reccomend that one.

3. New Hotels – Planet Hollywood has just opened, I want to check it out and see what all the fuss is all about! I am sure it will be seriously awesome. My friend Jacks wants to check out the Wynn Hotel too. I havent seen that one either. The Palazzo hotel is finally finished too. Lots of new hotels!

4. Observation deck on the Stratosphere. I want to see the view even though I am semi-afraid of heights, I just think it would be awesome to see at night. FYI – if you stay at the Stratosphere hotel you can go up to the deck as a part of your hotel stay.

5. Anyone know if they still have the Tiger exhibit? Or did they remove that when the tigers attacked Sigfried and Roy? I love white tigers. So exotic.

6. Pirate Show at Treasure Island. Free. Love it. 🙂

7. The Conservatory at the Bellagio. It is stunning. Also check out the world’s largest Chocolate fountain there too. It will make you hungry just standing near it because it smells so delicious!

8. Shopping at Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood.



What else do I need to make sure to see and do in Vegas??? Help me out!

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