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LOST: There’s No Place Like Home 1,2 and 3

Wow. I was totally floored by last night’s LOST episode. This show just continues to blow my mind. It is AMAZING.

A short and sweet take into my thoughts:

Charlie, Boone & Libby: These were the 3 others who survived in the 6’s fake account of the crash. Why these three? It is an interesting assortment to choose.

Sawyer: Why hello new Jack! Saving people, sacrificing yourself for the good of the group. He has really done a 180 since the beginning of the show. And it was a good idea for him to ditch the shirt while swimming right? I am sure that was a problem. Not the water-logged jeans and shoes though. Haha…you can tell they are catering to the female audience.

Sun & Jin: I am so sad Jin died….or did he? Please tell me he jumped off the boat and survived! And mad props to Sun…her acting was phenomenal this episode. Oh and I love how she is so bad-ass in the flash forwards.

Rose: She cracks me up. I loved when she was giving Miles a hard time for eating the peanuts.

Charlotte: Is Charlotte Annie? Does she know who Annie is?

Ben: Can’t go back to the island after he has moved it? WHAT? Also, sometimes I think he is overlooked as a comedic character. I love the look he gave Locke when Locke asked about the “magic box” and when he was filling the vault with all the metal objects.

Sayid: That’s our quick thinker being the one to throw the life raft out. Now we know who to look to in a crisis situation. Oh wait…this whole show is one big crisis situation.

Desmond: Oh I love Des. I think he is one of my favorite characters. I was seriously worried when he was unconscious after the copter crash. Thankfully Jack could revive him…which is impressive too because you really can’t give good chest compressions on a moving raft. But that is beside the point…I was so happy he made it through. And the icing on the cake was his wonderful reunion with Penny! I may have cried a bit. These two deserve to finally be happy.

Jeremy Bentham/John Locke: Seriously floored. I can’t believe it was Locke in the coffin. I really thought it was going to be Ben. But anyways…interestingly Wikipedia holds this quote from the REAL Jeremy Bentham: “Take me forward, I entreat you, to the future — do not let me go back to the past.” His wikipedia bio also says that he was preserved in box that was brought to meetings where he was considered “present but not voting” First of all…creepy. Second of all…this is exactly what the 6 are going to have to do with Locke, bring him along in a box and bring him to the island as part of the group.

This show just leaves me with more and more questions and never any real answers…I can’t do it justice here. Check out these blogger’s takes on the episodes:

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TV: Saved by the Bell

Let me begin by saying, I grew up on Saved by the Bell. It was by far my most favorite show growing up. And lately…it has been showing up in random places…

Exhibit One: The Show

I got the College Years dvd’s for my birthday. I love random gifts like that. So my friend KG and I decided to get them out and watch them over the holiday weekend. That show is hilarious. Cheeseball and great. 🙂

Exhibit Two: The Tattoo

My friend CaJo sends me a link to see this Zack Attack tattoo. Sick rick. I love Zack Morris as much as the next person…more probably…but why WHY would you ever want to tattoo his face and early 90’s hairstyle on your thigh? Ick.

Exhibit Three: The Max

The Max was picked as the 5th Favorite Fictional TV Hangout in a Starpulse article. The above logo is actually a T-shirt you can purchase online and be just like Kelly Kapowski! 🙂

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Yes. Don’t miss it all tonight! 🙂 I am so excited!

8/7c – There is No Place Like Home – Part 1 (Includes NEW FOOTAGE)

9/8c – There is No Place Like Home – Part 2

10/9c – There is No Place Like Home – Part 3

Do you think we will finally see what the ABC promo poster above means? The city in the reflection? Hmmm…

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TV: JJ Abrams, The Fringe & LOST

Ok J.J. Abrams, I know you are brilliant and everything. I love your shows and am so addicted to LOST I can hardly wait for next week.

But seriously after watching the preview for your new show The Fringe (which looks awesome, by the way) I think you are just trying to make me irrationally scared of two things…

Flying…of course. First Oceanic 815 breaks into pieces and lands scattered on a mysterious island with polar bears, smoke monsters, freighter killers and Benjamin Linus. And now on The Fringe previews it seems that there is some sort of plane problem including blood splattered on the windows, men in biohazard suits and Joshua Jackson.

And then Matthew Abbadon! Who is this man? What does he know about Oceanic 815? Does he actually work for them or is he somehow in cahoots with both Widmore and Ben? Just when I think I am safe…then Abbadon shows up in Locke’s flashback! And now actor Lance Reddick(who is perfect for the role of Abbadon, and a fabulous actor) is somehow mysteriously involved in discovering the story of the freaky plane on The Fringe!

So J.J. Abrams…tell me….is this some sort of massive Ben Linus type manipulation to freak me out about flying and the potential of seeing Reddick post-flight????

(That is, if I survive the flight to begin with…which doesn’t look good.)

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A Love Letter to The Office

Dear The Office,

It was love at first see with my ears. We are meant to be!

Oh my dear, how I have missed you this year! It seems that we were cut so short on our love affair due to your absence during the Writer’s strike. You returned to visit me 6 times since then, and I have loved every moment of it. Now, as you leave again I am forced to survive on only dvds and webisodes…which are wonderful as well, but it’s just not the same.

I will miss you while you are away this summer, lonely and sad every Thursday evening. When you return again I hope that nothing will be able to keep us apart. I will be making you a mix cd while you are gone. It will be on two levels, the two levels being ‘Welcome to Scranton’ and ‘I Love You.’

Don’t forget about me this summer.


Your faithful viewer – Annie in MN

P.s. If you do not give me a Jim & Pam proposal immediately upon return…I don’t know if I can ever forgive you.

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I’m so happy. 🙂


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Fashion: 5 Best Dresses at Cannes 2008

1. Eva Longoria

Here is Eva wearing a stunning aqua blue Versace gown. I love this dress, not many women could wear this tight bodice, but I love it on her. The color is beautiful and summery. More photos at JJ.

2. Mischa Barton

Oh my girl Mischa has had some troubles since she got canned from The OC…but it looks like living in Paris is doing her good. Here she is in Alberta Ferratti looking beautiful and young. The Dress is gorgeous and flattering. Good color! The necklace is beautiful too! More photos at Fabsugar.

3.Angelina Jolie

The very pregnant Angelina looks awesome here in this beautiful green dress. It is amazing to me how she can be so pregnant and yet have the skinniest arms I have ever seen. Angie did a nice job picking a dress that makes her look happy and healthy and she accessorized with the best thing possible…Brad Pitt. Check out more photos at JJ.

4. Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwynnie is wearing a beautiful dress by Celine. This dress is so flattering and youthful. I think the pleating is at the perfect spot in the bust, but the tie around the waist ensures it doesn’t look to baggy or shapeless. The bias cut along the bottom is a nice touch as well. The shoes…well..ugh. I guess they could be worse. This is a dress I would love to wear myself. Picture at InStyle Look of the Day.

5. Cate Blanchett

Can Cate just wear anything and make it look good? I think she pretty much can. This dress by Armani would look a little bit too extravagant on just about anyone else. But she pulls it off and makes it look even more awesome. The textured pin tucks look lovely sewn into the bodice at different angles adding a nice dimension, and the bottom looks a bit mermaid-ish but for some reason it works. I am still not sure about the necklace she picked, but its not terrible. More pics at JJ.

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