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Fashion: 5 Best Dresses of the Week


1. Kate Walsh – I love this dress. It is so summery and fun! Although I really dont like those shoes too much and I wish she would go back to her red hair. More Pics.


2. Kate Beckinsale- I think this Versace dress might have been the best Oscars dress this year, and she didn’t even attend the actual awards. It would have been nice if she would have done something with her hair. More Pics.



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Listen: The Daylights “Outsider”

So I have noticed this trend. I love buying concert tickets for a group that I really like. But I end up falling in love with one of the openers.

That definitely happened at the OneRepublic concert. Which was amazing…but I also just found myself enamored with the group The Daylights. They were great.


First of all I just love music in general. Now I am always on the hunt for a new semi-unknown band to listen to. I prefer more chill music with a rock edge to it. And I was pleasantly surprised with The Daylights. They sound similar to one of my other favorites AutoVaughn, but just a little more chill. I got home from the concert and promptly downloaded their EP titled Shift and Blur. Love it.

My favorite songs from the EP are “Outsider” and “Boy on the Moon.” They have some different songs on MySpace that are newer. Check out “I guess I missed you” and “Terra Firma” at I am hoping for another cd from them soon! 🙂

These pictures are from their concert in MN with OneRepublic.


The other clincher for an awesome band is one that are nice to the fans. These guys were awesome! They hung around during the concert and for a long time after taking pictures, signing autographs and meeting with fans. They were so nice and easy-going. So thanks to the band…Ricky, Ran & Svend!

February 28, 2008 at 11:19 am 4 comments

Oscars: Minnesota Dominates!

Minnesota boys Joel & Ethan Cohn bring home Oscars for No Country for Old Men: Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Adapted Screenplay

And Diablo Cody, Minnesota screenwriter of Juno brought home the award for Best Original Screenplay. 

Yay Minnesota! 

Other Minnesota connections at this years Oscars…

Samantha Harris – E! channel correspondant is a Minnesota native.

Amy Adams – Got her start singing and acting at Minnesota’s Chanhassen Dinner Theater.

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Movie Review: Vantage Point

I had such high hopes.

And Vantage Point didn’t even get close.

Even if I had mediocre expectations of this movie…it would still have failed. I was disappointed by this one. And here is how…

Plot: I have to say the first half of the movie was pretty good. There was good action, lots of unanswered questions and an interesting storytelling method. It was sort of like participating in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. We followed a character for about 20-some minutes and then skipped back to noon again to follow the same timeframe in a different character’s perspective. I found it sort of intriguing. I liked this different plotline. But about halfway through it started to fall off course…and then it was all downhill after that.

They abandoned the character driven storyline and the whole thing evolved into a rediculous car chase. And I love car chases. (My favorite recent one was in The Bourne Ultimateum) I know all car chases are pretty much impossible stunts, but this one was soooo impossible. Dennis Quaid gets slammed between a full speed semi-truck and a brick wall and is able to just walk away. Oh wait…he ran away…hmmm.

Character Development: This is the biggest kicker for me in movies. I need to be able to connect with the characters. This movie was just so flat. And so predictable. One line of dialogue gave away the very obvious “unknown” villan. The viewer was not encouraged to get into these characters at all. Perhaps because of the broken storyline, but mostly just because they all seemed very one dimensional and very stereotypical. It was easy to tell who was running the whole thing, who was the hero, who was the betrayer, etc.

Dialogue: I felt like I was watching a made for tv movie. The dialogue was painful. PAINFUL.

Intensity: This was the one redeeming quality of this movie. (I know…even Matthew Fox in a suit couldn’t save it for me) But Vantage Point was intense. It did keep me on the edge of my seat for most of it. I was entertained up until about halfway…the point at which I started scoffing at the predictablity and dialogue. It had all the energy to take it to a good level, but just didn’t quite make it.

Overall Grade: D — Like my friend Caitlin said: “In the movie they say ‘Americans can’t imagine a world where they aren’t one step ahead.’ but I felt like I was ten steps ahead of this movie.” So true.

I would love to hear from someone who doesn’t agree with me. Did anyone love this movie? Please tell me why…

February 25, 2008 at 10:13 am 5 comments

Lost: Eggtown

So here is the deal. I would like to admit to the blogging universe that I am just not informed enough to blog about LOST. I give up. There are people out there who are able to figure out the most awesome theories and connections and follow the tiniest details in order to further investigate the craziness that is LOST. But I am not one of them.

I only recently joined the LOST train, and while I have watched all the episodes, I just didn’t realize the intensity of the fans. WHICH I LOVE! I have spent a shameful amount of hours reading or JOpinionated. And I would reccomend that you do the same. But instead I am just planning to direct you to them from now on. I will stick to things I can handle…like The Office and Prison Break and the other random assortment that fills my blog. 🙂

But I do have a few quick non-conspiracy theory comments about tonight.

1. I am soooooo pro Kate & Sawyer. Who wouldn’t love him after tonight. Oh wait…he was also kind of an ass. Well I guess I love that too! I definately cheered when Kate slapped him tonight. That was a NICE slap! 🙂 Haha….but I will always be a Sawyer girl…


2. Dharma wine in a box? Cracks me up! Hilarious.

3. Who is is Benry??????? This show just boggles my mind.

4. I soooo called it when it was Aaron. Now the question is whether Claire is dead or if Claire gave them Aaron to bring back. How did Kate explain that she was a mother to a child when she didn’t have a child when she went to the island? And wasn’t preggers on the plane?

February 21, 2008 at 10:26 pm 4 comments

Prison Break: Season 4! YES!


Nick Santora wrote on his blog: “So we got word on Wednesday that we are officially picked up by the network for Season 4. This is great news. We are all very excited. “


So word on the street is that Prison Break WILL be picked up for a Season 4!!!! Yay!

(I was just looking for a good excuse to use this picture from Wentworth Miller’s Gap Ad)

TVGuide’s (Anti-PB) Ausiello says:

Question: Kind of going crazy here. Can you find out what the deal is with Prison Break? The season finale aired Monday, and there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not it’s ever coming back. — Mike

Ausiello: Much to my surprise, I’m hearing a fourth season is pretty much a lock. Go figure.

And now a Dallas Paper article has more rumors on the Season 4.

“The writers strike cost the state $30 million in television production by two series, but the good news is Fox’s Prison Break is expected to return. The question is when.”I believe we will be picked up for a fourth season,” show co-executive producer Nick Santora wrote on the fan Web site PbreakFans (www.pbreakfans.proboards47 .com). “I can’t guarantee it. I just feel it will happen.” Plans are for three more episodes at a location on which the Dallas Film Commission has been working to extend an agreement. “I think they’re still holding their breath,” Janis Burklund of the film commission said in light of another potential strike, this one by the Screen Actors Guild. ” –Source

Now the word from Dallas News is that Season 4 of Prison Break will be filmed in Los Angeles and not Dallas. What does this mean for our favorite Sona inmates? Sucre? T-Bag?

February 21, 2008 at 10:03 pm 27 comments

Concert: OneRepublic in Minnesota!



This was a great concert. I will try to add more pictures as I have time. Last night I spent some time trying to upload some video of the concert. I have one of their single “Stop and Stare” which is awesome (and happens to be my favorite) and another of them singinging Rhianna’s hit “Umbrella” which was hilarious. I will keep working on that…YouTube was down for maintenance for a while last night…I think that was the problem. 🙂

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