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Artist: Stuart Haygarth

I ran across this artist’s website randomly one day and fell in love with it immediately!

Stuart Haygarth takes found objects and creates lighting fixtures with them. It is amazing! His work includes glassware, lamp globes, eyeglasses, and other things.

He balances between sculptor and photographer in his works. Judging from the information on his site, he seems to consider himself a Photographer. What do you think? Is he more a photographer or a sculptor?

The images below are from a light he designed from popped party poppers from the Millenium New Years Celebration in London. It is such a beautiful shape with playful colors…


…but just look how amazing it is when the light inside is turned on. Who knew discarded trash could be so beautiful?


Check out his website at to see more examples of his work.


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Visit: Minnesota State Fair Part 2


So it was my first time to the fair in years! And we decided to go on a Saturday…ummm yikes! This is what the crowd looked like when my Bro and I walked in around noon. CRAZY! Luckily the weather was comfortable so it made the crowds of people more bearable. We ate some delicious food for lunch! I got a foot long corn dog($6), he got pizza($4) and we shared some 1919 Root Beer($?). Oh and I also got the roasted sweet corn ($3) for lunch too. I have to say that the roasted sweet corn was better at the Taste of Chicago. Other than that I enjoyed all the food…We bought a bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies ($13) on our way out of the fair…and although they are pricey they are totally worth it! Hot off the pan…its amazing…

Then we went back into the fair at 5:30 to go to The Usual Suspects concert. They were playing way up at the north part of the park. Next to this LOONY TOONES person! This guy made me super nervous. He was balancing on the top of this pole doing crazy stunts. I could NEVER do that…


Here is another fair pic I took on the way to getting a Cherry Sno Cone ($4) . It was just such a nice evening, I liked seeing the people floating above…classic mn state fair! ๐Ÿ™‚


Overall, I enjoyed my fair experience! How did yours go?

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Visit: Minnesota State Fair

It might be possible that I am one of the only people in Minnesota who hasn’t been to the fair in over 10 years. People around here tend to be OBSESSED with the fair. Why? After I go visit it…I will let you know. So far I dont really understand it…but here are some good reasons I have come up with to go to it…

Minnesota State Fair: Pros & Cons


1. A billion people…hot sticky August in MN weather…gross…

2. Lines, Lines, Lines….as Chandler Bing would say: “Dont you feel like cattle…MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

3. Expensive: 11 dollars to get in…plus more $$$ for all the food.


1. Sweet Martha’s Cookies. DELICIOUS!


2. Mini-Donuts…And eating a bunch of junk without feeing guilty!
3. A friend’s band, The Usual Suspects, is playing at one of the free stages. So really we are going to support him. Thats the real reason.

4. To taste test the difference between a corn-dog and a pronto pup. Now…this is a very serious debate around these parts. Whats the secret? A corn dog has corn batter, a pronto pup has wheat batter.

5. PEOPLE WATCHING!!! PEOPLE WATCHING!!! I think between this and Sweet Marthas it is worth the price of admission.

What are the best things to see and do at the MN State Fair? Let me know what should not be missed!

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Trivia: The Office

I wasn’t going to post anything again so soon…but when i saw the new Office spoiler pics I wanted to write about the Office quick! ๐Ÿ™‚

NBC’s The Office Season 4 is coming up!

37 days to be exact…


Now I happen to be a BIG fan…can you tell?? ๐Ÿ™‚ I cant take credit for knowing all the Office info that I tend to know. I really just visit two websites to keep updated: Office Tally and Give Me My Remote. They do a great job of keeping all the latest info, gossip, discussions and pictures in one place for the fans.

Mark your calendars:

September 4th – Season 3 dvds on sale!

September 27th – Season 4 premiere episode. One hour long…title is: Fun Run.

Spoiler Alert! If you visit this link you can see spoiler pictures of the upcoming premire episode! yay! Check them out if you like spoilers…it will get you pumped up for the new season!

Office Trivia:

1. What is Dwight Schrute’s middle name?

2. What painting does Michael buy from Pam’s art show?

3. What is the name of the sport played by Icelandic Paper Companies?

4. Who won the Hot-Dog eating contest played on Beach Day?

Highlight below for answers:

1. Kurt

2. A painting of the Dunder Mifflin Building.

3. Flonkerton

4. Andy Bernard

Other great Office websites:

Dunder Mifflin Corporate Website

NBC’s The Office

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Visit: Minneapolis Public Library



Happy Monday! I just thought I would share some photos of the Minneapolis Public Library. It is such an amazing building and definately a commanding piece of architecture in the Twin Cities.

ย Have you visited the Mpls Library? What do you think of the architecture?

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Decorate: Mod Pod


Since I am living alone, I was thinking it would be fun to get a pet. But the thing is I don’t want all the work that goes into having pets. I would love to get a kitten, but I also want to be able to leave my place for weekends without having to find someone to cat-sit.

So basically…I am thinking about getting a fish. ๐Ÿ™‚ haha! I feel like a little kid talking about getting a goldfish. Anyways…there is this awesome catalog called Chiasso that sells these hangable golfish bowls/vases that they call Mod Pods. I think its a pretty smart to think about having your fishbowl on the wall. Who came up with that??? Its much more exciting than just having a plain old fishbowl. If they werent so blasted expensive I would already have bought 2 or 3…

What do you think of these Mod Pods? What kind of fish do you think I should get for my new place?

Check out the rest of the catalog…it has some really cool modern & creative stuff. For example: I love this NYC themed doormat…but would you really want your place associated with the sewer?


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Trivia: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Back in the good old days when sitcom tv was still awesome FRIENDS dominated Thursday nights. Who else misses that?? I sure do…

So I am going to throw in some trivia questions that are a little bit harder than you might be used to. Quiz yourself and your friends…

Question 1. What does Chandler watch at 2โ€™o clock on a Wednesday?

Question 2. What special combination (three things) does Chandler use when plucking Joeyโ€™s eyebrows to ease the pain?

Question 3. What nicknames do Monica and Chandler have for the building tenant that Joey calls โ€œRustyโ€?

Question 4. What was Monica doing that caused her to miss Rachel kissing Gavin on the balcony?

Lets hope maybe this fall season will bring us something entertaining to watch again. Other than The Office, the best show on tv these days.

Highlight below for answers:

Answer 1: Road Rules, The one where chandler takes a bath
Answer 2: Ice Cubes, Aloe Vera and my gentle self-loathing touch, The One where Monica Sings
Answer 3: Howdy Dudie and Fire Beard, TOW all the candy
Answer 4: Ironing Wrapping Paper, The One Where Monica Sings

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